More than 2.7 million people fly commercially every single day.

Many of these people fly for work, while some are just flying for vacation. Regardless of your reasons for flying, we all know that the airport can be a lot to handle.

You have to show up hours early in case the lines are moving slow, and you have to be extremely cautious about going through security. Who has the time or patience to do that often?

This is why renting a private jet is a great alternative.

If you’re ready to ditch the airport, keep reading to learn more about renting private jets!

Why You Should Consider Renting a Private Jet

When we think of flying in luxury, one of the first things that come to mind is flying by private jet.

With size, convenience, and service, who wouldn’t dream of using a private jet? While buying a private jet is way out of most of our price limits, renting is actually affordable for many avid travelers.

So, why should you consider renting a private jet over buying?

You Don’t Have the Budget to Buy a Private Jet

While flying privately is a luxurious experience in itself, buying is another level.

Sure, you have full control when you choose to buy a private jet. You can choose the pilot, food service, schedule, and other services offered on a plane.

Anything you want can be added when you own a private jet. While this is attractive to the richest of the rich, the majority of people can’t afford to buy and beef up a private jet.

Private jets cost anywhere between $3 million and $90 million! The larger and more luxurious you go, the steeper your price tag will be. Even on the low end, private jets are an expensive undertaking.

Once you buy the private jet, you still have to pay maintenance fees, repair fees as needed, and the salaries of the employees working on the private jet. This can cost another $1 million or more per year!

On the other hand, you can rent a private jet with all the bells and whistles for $30,000. While this may seem a little bit pricey, you can fit up to 6 friends on the plane. If you think about it, that’s not too much per person.

If you don’t need a large, luxurious private jet to rent, you can always go for a smaller jet for a few thousand dollars.

You Fly Frequently

If you fly daily, or even weekly, you may find that flying privately is the way to go.

If you’re tired of spending hours going through security and waiting to board, a private jet would be perfect for you. It can be such a hassle to get stuck in large lines when you’re running late.

Plus, we all know that TSA can be a little bit of a nightmare.

If you can’t afford to fully purchase a private jet, yet you fly often, renting a private jet is the way to go!

What Are Your Options for Renting a Private Jet?

There are so many options you have to choose from as you look into renting a private jet.

There is the size you can choose from, however, there are also a few different leasing plans. These are:

Dry Leasing

When you choose to dry lease a private jet, you’re only paying for the use of the jet.

You don’t have to front the cost of hiring a pilot, crew, or insurance. This is typically the most common way to rent a private jet, as it’s the most affordable for many flyers.

Once the lease is over, you have the ability to walk away if private flying isn’t actually the best option for you. If you buy the aircraft, you are going to be stuck paying a ton of fees, whether you want to keep using it or not.

Wet Leasing

While dry leasing is just the rental of the aircraft, wet leasing includes all the bells and whistles.

When you wet-lease a private jet, you’re going to get the jet as well as the crew that would typically accompany it. You’ll get a pilot, crew, and insurance with the wet-lease.

This option is more expensive than a dry lease which is why it isn’t as common, however, it’s a great option if you can afford it!

Part-Time Plans

If dry leasing or wet leasing is more of a commitment than you want, there are also options for flying privately part-time.

Part-time options include paying per flight, which means you have no commitment or payments other than the one-time flight. This is great for people who don’t fly often but don’t want to go through the airport when they do.

If you’re taking a trip with some family or friends, a private flight would be great for everyone to split!

Renting a Private Jet Over Flying First Class

You may be wondering why you should fly privately instead of just flying first class.

Well, there are plenty of reasons! Here are a few:


As we mentioned earlier, going through the airport can be a total inconvenience if you’re in a hurry.

Who wants to wait in long lines or go through every carry-on item with a fine-tooth comb? Prepping to enter the airport, as well as checking in and boarding processes are tedious.

When you rent a private jet, all you have to do is show up with an ID and board!

Better Productivity

Have you ever tried to complete a project you need done ASAP in an airport or on a commercial flight?

The pilot is making announcements constantly, the flight attendants are frequently nudging you and offering snacks, and babies often cry for the whole flight! It can be so hard to concentrate in this environment.

On a private flight, it’s just you and your crew. No distractions!


Believe it or not, flying privately can be much less expensive than flying first class.

A first-class ticket isn’t inexpensive in the first place, and if you miss your flight due to unforeseen circumstances, you likely won’t get your money back.

Plus, if you’re flying with multiple people you can split the private flight. Everyone is on their own when it comes to buying a first-class ticket.

Is Renting a Private Jet the Move for You?

If you fly often and are tired of the hassle of flying commercially, it may be time to rent a private jet.

If you have any questions about renting a private jet, reach out to us today!