Flying commercial can be a hassle. You’re sharing a tiny space with hundreds of people and there is no personal space. What if we told you that traveling doesn’t have to be so annoying? If you fly with a private jet you can have privacy and room to lounge on your trip. To rent a plane for the weekend, we have come up with the ultimate guide so you can be a pro when booking your private jet.

Keep reading below to see our step by step guide.

Step 1: Figure Out Your Destination

The first step to rent a plane for the weekend is to figure out where you want to go. Usually, private jets fly domestically so you will have to figure out which city you would like to cross off your bucket list next.

After figuring out a destination it’s time to look at airports. What airport is most convenient for you to fly out of? After figuring out where you want to go and where you will be flying in and out of, it’s time to find your private jet charter.

Step 2: Find Your Private Jet Charter Agency

Private jet companies usually work as brokers who connect you with a pilot. You can book a private jet online by yourself, but if you’re inexperienced we suggest using a broker.

You can book your flight through a broker online or by calling the agency directly. The first thing you want to do when you call your broker is to ask what planes are available to fly in your area or the airport you’re looking to fly out of.

You should be open to the option of changing airports just in case the only private jet available is at another airport. Also, flying out of different airports can provide you with a price difference, meaning you can save some money if you don’t mind changing your plans.

After asking what planes are available and where the broker will walk you through pricing and the difference of each private jet available. Keep in mind that some companies hook you up with one-way flights on empty aircraft legs. Other companies will use their own private fleets to fly you from city to city.

Step 3: Check Out the Safty Record Of Your Broker

After talking with your broker about flights you should wait to schedule anything until reading the safety record of your broker. You can ask them over the phone for this information or go ahead and do your own research.

Some say that you should treat flying with brokers like selecting a surgeon. Your life will be in the hands of someone else, so you want to ensure your safety. If you’re still unsure after checking the safety records, there’s no harm in asking friends and family what companies they recommend flying with to better ease your mind and to help you make a decision.

Step 4: Book and Pay For Your Flight

After talking to the broker or looking on their websites for available flights and pricing, and checking their safety records, it’s time to book your flight. It’s good to note that you should be paying attention to how your flight charges. Some planes charge per the milage flown and others charge per the hour.

After figuring out the pricing and the location of your plane, it’s time to book your flight. You can do so through the broker’s website or by giving them a call. Usually, next-day or same-day flights are cheaper.

Step 5: Get Ready For Your Trip

When packing you will want to follow the guidelines of other aircraft, but one of the best things about flying private jets is that there is no security. If you’re someone who doesn’t have the time to waste at security or is packing a certain way to make security go smoothly, you don’t have to worry about it on your private plane ride.

You will take off from a different terminal than commercial flights. With this said, you won’t need to go through a security checkpoint to be screened.

Your names will be provided to security for a background check and your IDs will be checked when you arrive at the airport. This is the only security you will have to deal with before your private flight.

Step 6: Pack Some Snacks

Since you aren’t flying commercial there will be no snack provided (unless the pilot does this personally for his passengers). With this said you should prepare yourself.

If you’re flying for a few hours bring some food to hold you over. If you want any drinks on the plane you should also pack them as well.

Step 7: Enjoy

After finding the right plane and packing for your trip it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight. You will be in the comfort of your own personal cabin with enough space to stretch out and enjoy the views of the sky.

Now You Know How To Rent a Private Plane For the Weekend

We have provided you with the ultimate guide on how to rent a plane for the weekend. From calling brokers and looking online to see what planes are available in your area, to pricing, and what to bring on the plane, we hope you have a great flight now that you’re a pro.

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