Why do I need to put my private jet aircraft on Presidential Aviation’s certificate and what benefit does this provide?

We will manage all of the intricate and cumbersome operating details relating to jet management and aircraft maintenance as well as the glut of related administrative tasks, leaving you to truly enjoy the lifestyle benefits of airplane ownership. In addition, you will save a substantial amount of money by taking advantage of our personal jet cost-cutting programs.

Does Presidential have expertise with my type of aircraft?

Our current fleet of late-model private charter jets includes top-of-the-line Gulfstream, Challenger, Citation, Hawker, Falcon and Learjet models. Throughout our company’s long history we have also owned, operated and/or managed many other types of personal and corporate jet aircraft. Given our broad-based industry experience and expertise, we are well are qualified to handle all types of common aircraft in the private aviation marketplace.

Do I need to use Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport as the base for my jet when using Presidential Aviation’s Aircraft Management Services?

No. The choice of where to base your private jet is entirely yours. We have the expertise and personnel to offer remote aircraft management services with unsurpassed quality and efficiency at any location of your convenience. In fact, several of our jet management clients base their equipment at remote locations where they receive our comprehensive aircraft management and aircraft maintenance services.

Can my private jet aircraft be chartered?

Definitely. Private jet charter is a viable way to offset aircraft ownership costs, but the decision to offer your private jet for charter to other users is yours alone. Should you have an interest, Presidential Aviation will offer recommendations taking into account your personal needs, wishes and financial objectives, including potential tax advantages. If you do decide to offer your private jet for charter, you will maintain ultimate control over the aircraft’s private charter flight schedule so that it does not conflict with your own personal travel plans.

Do I have to use Presidential Aviation-sourced crews?

No. Presidential Aviation accepts private jet aircraft with and without crews. If you do not bring your own crew, Presidential Aviation has the expertise to hire pilots and other support personnel, such as specialized private jet maintenance mechanics and flight attendants, and will gladly do the recruiting upon request without any extra cost to you. Of course, you retain the freedom to approve or deny any personnel that is to be assigned to your private jet during your personal use or when chartered.

What interaction with the flight crew will I retain?

As much or as little as you prefer. Presidential Aviation will have operational and administrative control of the aircraft and this will relieve you from dealing with technicalities and other burdens. You have the freedom to communicate your needs and schedule directly to the crew or through Presidential Aviation’s scheduling department.

Will the flight crew require ongoing training?

Yes because the law and Presidential Aviation’s own policies and procedures require this to assure the highest level of safety. Our pilots must attend ground school and simulator sessions every six months. The training sessions take place at several locations in the United States and are imparted by two of the top pilot training companies in the world.

What is the aircraft management services fee?

There are many factors that play a role in the amount of the aircraft management service fee such as type of airplane, frequency of owner use, frequency of charter use, and other critical considerations. In most cases, the management fee is lower than 5% of the annual budget for the aircraft and, in all cases, it is offset by the fleet-based savings achieved on fuel, insurance and many other service benefits realized when your aircraft is integrated into Presidential Aviation’s fleet.

As a jet management client, what reports can I expect?

Every month, you will receive a full Owner’s Statement containing all the financial activity associated with the aircraft management services applied to your account. Our records are available for your inspection at all times and we will provide any reports you need relating to aircraft maintenance service, engine cycles or any other metric upon request.

What will you do to maintain the highest standard of safety on my aircraft?

The foundation of our private jet air charter safety program is a comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS) that is based on ICAO and FAA standards as developed by the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF). In addition, Presidential Aviation is ARG/US Platinum rated and has been awarded the Wyvern Wingman Operator. Our FAA air taxi certification is proudly displayed on all of our private charter flight jets.

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