It is not every day that you think about how much does it cost to rent a plane. But renting a private jet for your next trip is something you will not regret. You might be wondering how much does it cost to rent a plane?

While traveling is great, flying is not always enjoyable. However, if you decide to rent a private jet – your flying experience will improve tenfold.

So how do you do this? We’ve put together this quick guide on how to rent a private jet and find the best deal:

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Plane: The Only Guide You’ll Need

Before you hesitate, you will be relieved to know that renting a private jet is not as expensive as what you would think.

There are also a variety of deals to choose from to suit your needs. Follow this simple guide and you will be able to choose the best deal for you.

Who’s Getting On?

The first thing to determine is how many passengers will be on the plane. While it varies, private jets usually cater from six to nine passengers at a time. Naturally, the price will increase with the number of passengers. Any additional need for luggage will also raise the price – and possibly the size of the private jet.

The Size of the Plane

This is something you should know. The smaller sized-planes can cover great distances. If you are flying internationally, you will want to make sure you can secure a small or mid-sized plane. But of course, the smaller sized plane will accommodate fewer passengers and less luggage.

Example: So, let us suppose you are taking a flight from LA to Washington. You are in a mid-size jet with only six passengers. This would cost around $30K.

But if you take this same journey and there are nine passengers, the cost would go up to $38K.

The Hours

One of the biggest advantages of flying on a private jet is that they are often faster than commercial flights.

The length of the flight (in hours) is a huge factor in determining the cost.

For example, a three-hour flight that contains six passengers would cost (on average) $5500 per hour. Longer flights would usually require more passengers. A four-hour flight may be able to accommodate seven passengers. This would cost $7000 per hour.

Heavy Jets

If you are going to fly a longer flight, it is best to opt for a heavy jet. These heavy jets are often far more expensive – sometimes even in the six-figure range.

But the great advantage of heavy jets, apart from covering longer distances, is that they can cover a higher number of passengers – sometimes even being able to accommodate up to 50 passengers!

There is more space on these heavy jets than in a standard private jet. More luggage can be accommodated on these jets. They often have luxury amenities as well as flight attendants – that are often not found on smaller private jets.

Empty Leg Jets

These are often the most affordable flights. Empty leg flights are often private jets returning to their base with no passengers. Often, if you are headed in the same direction, they will let you book a spot on the plane.

Empty leg flights are often for the last-minute trip, whether for business or pleasure. Usually, you cannot expect to travel with many passengers or with a lot of luggage – it truly has to be a last-minute trip.

But if you keep a lookout for available empty leg jets, you are sure to save money!

The Jets

Now, let us look at the statistics of the different types of private jet planes so that you can decide which ones suit your needs. These are average statistics and may vary based on your needs.

1. Very Light Jets

These are priced in the $2000/hour range. These can fit 2 to 4 passengers and minimal luggage. These are for short flights, not exceeding 3 hours.

2. Light Jets

These are priced in the $2500-$3000/hour range. These can fit up to 7 passengers. These are for slightly longer flights, up to five-and-a-half hours.

There are also super light jets that are priced between $3000 to $3500/hour. While they also cover a distance up to five-and-a-half hours they can accommodate up to 8 passengers.

3. Midsize Jets

These are priced in the $3000 to $4300/hour range. These can fit 8-9 passengers and have more space for luggage. These are great for longer flights as well as international flights as they can fly for up to 8 hours.

There are also super midsize jets. These are priced in the $4000 to $6000/hour range. These can fit up to 10 passengers. They also can fly up to 8 hours. You would opt for this if you need space for that one extra passenger and a bit more luggage.

4. Large Jets

These are the more costly private jets and are intended for larger groups. These are priced in the $5600 to $8000/hour range. These can accommodate 10 to 16 passengers and have space for more luggage.

Flights can be as short as 3 hours long but can go up to 13 hours. So whether you are planning a destination with your friends to the Carribean or to Europe, this plane has something for you.

If you need to fly a little bit longer – perhaps to Asia or further in Europe – then you want to opt for an ultra long range jet. These are priced between $8000 to $11,000/hour. They can fly up to 17 hours.

5. VIP Airliners

Finally, this is the ultimate luxury. These are the planes that can fit up to 50 passengers, lots of luggage, and has the amenities of a commercial flight. They are priced between $16,000 to $23,000/hour.

While these VIP Airliners can be for flights as short as 2 hours, they are ideally used for longer flights as they can fly up to 16 hours.

Bon Voyage!

Now that you know how much does it cost to rent a plane, it is time to charter a private jet and be on your way! We wish you bon voyage!

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