Being an avid flyer can have its ups and downs. One of the cons of flying is the price, but what if we told you that you can get cheap tickets through private jet charters?

You didn’t read that wrong, flying with a private jet charter can save you money and be cheaper than flying a commercial flight. On top of saving you money, private jets can be more comfortable too.

To learn about what private jet charters are and how they differ from commercial flights, keep reading below.

What Is A Private Jet Charter?

A private jet charter is a company that lets customers fly on small, luxurious jets that are owned by the company. These jets can usually sit up to 6 passengers and have enough room for you to stretch out your legs and fully recline your seat.

Since these planes carry fewer passengers, the jets aren’t as big as commercial airlines. They are more intimate and can provide you and your family a personal experience when flying to your next destination.

How Are Private Jet Charters Different From Commercial Airlines?

Commercial airlines provide flights anywhere around the world and are usually the tickets you buy when booking through a travel site. These planes can usually hold up to over 100 passengers and are larger than private jets.

Tickets for commercial airlines can cost you hundreds of dollars depending on where you are flying and don’t provide a lot of legroom or reclining space unless you upgrade your seat for an additional cost.

Private jet charters provide you with a more comfortable experience in the air but one the ground also. When flying in a private jet you can skip the TSA checkpoints that commercial airlines require because you will not have to wait at commercial gates. This makes flying faster and less of a hassle.

How To Fly On A Private Jet Charter

You may be thinking that flying in an intimate private jet charter is higher than the cost of traveling with a commercial airline. The truth is that private jet rentals can be more affordable than booking an uncomfortable seat on a commercial flight.

Just like booking any plane ticket you can find a private jet online. There are multiple websites that can show you deals and what private jets fly in and out near you. Some flights can be $500 round trip depending on where you’re flying to.

There are even options for you to pay into a private charter to get flights even cheaper. You can pay a yearly subscription to any charter of your choice and then book seats at any time for dirt cheap.

Why Are Private Jets So Cheap?

You’re now most likely wondering how these companies can offer cheap seats on private flights. The answer to this is simple: these jet charters are trying to fill empty seats on their flights.

Most private jets that fly have empty seats. So the charter can make money instead of losing it, they offer cheap prices for seats on the private jets so they can make a bit of cash and offer you a great experience. Now some passengers do purchase a whole plane to themselves and you will not have the option of flying on these flights.

Please keep in mind that some hidden fees can be added to your ticket depending on how cheap it is. You may be charged for a landing fee or de-icing fee. To know what is and isn’t included in the ticket make sure to read any contracts and fine print.

If you see yourself flying private jets often then it isn’t a bad idea to pay into the yearly membership that we mentioned above. This will help your tickets to be even cheaper and cover most of these hidden fees.

Tips For Booking A Private Jet

Just like any plane ticket, shopping around is key to find the best ticket for the best price. Make sure you look at multiple websites to find the best bang for your buck.

As for hidden fees, these can vary between private jet charters. Be sure to read and compare the fine print to find out what company charges the least hidden fees.

Remember to be flexible when scheduling your ticket. You may find a plane that has only one or two seats left which means a cheaper ticket. This cheaper plane may leave a day or two before or after your original departure date.

Another way to save even more money is to find a small group and book a private jet together. Since you are buying tickets as a whole the charter may offer you a discount which means cheaper seats for each person in your party.

Go Ahead And Book Your First Private Jet

When thinking about private jets it’s easy to see them as luxurious and expensive. But when you begin to look into tickets and plan your trip, it’s easy to see that this isn’t true.

We have given you the top tips on how to book a private jet charter and the reasoning behind why these tickets can be cheaper than those of commercial airlines. Flying private is a more comfortable option that can end up saving you time at the gate and money in your bank account.

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