Around 62 million people visit New York every year. It boasts an incredible shopping scene, a heaven for foodies, and some pretty amazing things to do, so it’s understandable that so many people flock to The Big Apple.

Life is fast-paced and action-packed and so is a holiday to The City That Never Sleeps. When you’re preparing for a busy holiday packed with activities, you want to ensure that the trip there is relaxing as possible. And with so many things to do in New York, every second count.

This is why you should rent a private jet for your New York holiday. You’ll be comfortable and relaxed, maximize your time and arrive in style.

Still not convinced? Check out these seven reasons why renting a private jet will contribute to a memorable getaway.

1. More Time for Shopping and Sightseeing

There is a lot to see and do in The Big Apple. And whether you have just a weekend to browse the shops of Fifth Avenue, or you’re staying a little longer, your time is valuable.

When you fly commercially, it’s time-consuming. You have to arrive at the airport early, you need to wait for your bags and there are often delays.

When you choose private jet charters, you maximize the time for doing things that you want. You’ll avoid lengthy check-in processes, you only need to arrive 15 minutes before and you won’t need to wait at all for your luggage.

You’ll save around two hours each way, which means more time for important things.

2. Unparalleled Comfort and Convenience

When you book private jets you’re choosing luxury, comfort, and convenience. You won’t be fighting for legroom or squashed up against another passenger. Rather, you’ll be comfortably reclining in opulent leather seats and an elegant interior.

If you feel like having a snooze, you can do so easily in the recliner chairs that turn into beds. You won’t have a person snoring next to you (here’s hoping none of your family do) or a staff member bothering you.

3. Top Quality Service

Many commercial airlines have subpar service, which is to be expected when you’re taking care of hundreds of people. But if you rent a private jet you can expect the highest quality of service tailored to your needs and desires.

You will be looked after from the time you book a jet to the moment you leave the airport at your destination. A highly-skilled flight crew will ensure you’re always comfortable and cared for. You’ll love the individualized attention from attentive staff.

4. You Can Bring Your Pets

Why leave Spot at home? Flying a private jet means that you can take your furbabies with you wherever you go.

You can fly with your pets on commercial flights too but putting your precious animal in the cargo is stressful for you and your pet — and it’s not entirely safe, either.

With private charters, your pet can join you in the cabin and lap up the luxury, too. And unlike commercial flights, it’s not only dogs and cats allowed. Your child just can’t bear to leave the hamster at home? Bring him with you!

5. Create Your Own Schedule

Booking with commercial flights means sticking to a rigid schedule. Perhaps you’d like to leave New York late on Sunday evening so that you can spend as much time there as possible, yet there aren’t any flights at that time. Or maybe you’d like to stay an extra day but the hassle of changing your flight is just not worth the effort.

You are completely in charge of your schedule when you choose private jet rentals. You can decide on the take-off and landing times that best suit your holiday plans and have the ultimate flexibility to change these times on short notice.

In fact, you can even reroute to an alternative destination if you decide you’d like to make more of your holiday.

6. Onboard Entertainment for Everyone

A family trip to New York is a whole lot of fun. You probably can’t wait to take the kids up the Empire State Building or to the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum. However, the flight is not exciting at all — in fact, commercial flights can be downright boring.

This is not so on private charters. There is onboard entertainment for everyone. You’ll have WiFi, screens, DVD players, iPads, and more! And children don’t need to be stuck in their seats, fidgeting and eager to move — they’ll have as much space as they please.

With a private jet charter, the fun and the holiday begin as you enter the aircraft.

7. Increase Your Productivity

Perhaps your trip to New York is for business and not leisure (hopefully you can squeeze in a bagel or two anyways). These trips often have a quick turnaround time and leave you feeling exhausted. There’s nothing worse than hopping off a commercial flight and straight into a meeting feeling sluggish and tired from the trip.

Private air travel is ideal for business executives. With business private jets you’ll increase your productivity massively. You won’t have to do any layovers, so you can work consistently on the aircraft.

You can prepare for the big presentation in the ultimate conditions — quiet, spacious, fast WiFi, and privacy.

Choose Hassle-Free Luxury and Rent a Private Jet

Is there any other option but to rent a private jet for your trip to New York? Your trip and schedule will be flexible and customizable, you’ll be safe and comfortable and your every need will be attended to. Sounds like a dream, right?

Let Presidential Aviation turn that dream into a reality. We offer a selection of private jet charter trips and are looking forward to flying you in luxury and style to New York.