There are close to 15,000 private airports in the United States. If you want to access them, you need to consider private jet rentals. A private jet charter gives you conveniences and comforts not seen on commercial airlines.

But how can you determine what size private jet meets your needs? Sizing your aircraft is an important part of the private jet charter process. You need to think about crucial aspects of your travel plans to select the right sized jet.

If you are wondering where to start, take a look at this private jet charter guide. By reading on, you will discover how to select the right private jet size for your upcoming trip.

Factors to Consider About Your Trip

The first step in deciding how to select the right size jet is to analyze your travel plans. Are you traveling for business or pleasure? How fast do you need to get to your destination? These are some of the questions you need to ask.

There are also plenty of other additional factors to think about. Consider the following factors to ensure that you get the best-sized jet to meet your needs.

Number of Travelers in Your Party

How many people are going on your trip? The smaller jet you take, the less you will spend on fuel and other costs. Get a headcount before finalizing bookings. Work within the flight-weight capacities and seat restrictions of your aircraft.

If your party only consists of a few people, you may be able to get by with a smaller aircraft. If your party consists of a large group, you will have to charter a larger plane to account for their increased weight and space.

Distance and Duration of Your Trip

How far will you be flying? Do you plan on spending many weeks traveling about from place to place in your aircraft, or is this a one-time flight? You need to think about the duration of your trip in terms of both mileage and time.

You don’t want to feel cramped on a small jet even if your party doesn’t include many passengers. For longer or more complicated trips, it is better to get a larger private jet size. Larger jets can fly farther without having to refuel.

Amount of Luggage

How much luggage will you and your party be bringing? Sometimes transporting a ton of valuable objects can be reason enough to hire a private jet. Getting a large plane for vast amounts of luggage is a good idea.

You can transport your possessions in a secure, private, and comfortable environment. You don’t need to worry about airport personnel damaging your precious items in transit as well.

Types of Airports Along Your Route

If you are chartering a jet to a remote place, make sure the airfield there is suitable to land your jet. Make sure you research the different airport categories to see what kinds are along your route.

If you plan on frequenting small or rural airports in your plane, ensure it is nimble enough to merit the task. You don’t want to take your large jet to a tiny airstrip on an isolated Caribbean island.

Choose Your Private Jet Category

Now that you know the basics of your travel details and how to prepare for your private jet trip by factoring in logistical elements like headcounts, you can select your jet. The following are some classes of jet to choose from.

Very Light Jets

Very light jets like the Eclipse 400 are suitable for short jaunts with limited passengers. This classification of aircraft is small and nimble. Most hold no more than 6 passengers and have ranges of roughly 1000 nautical miles.

Turbo Props

While not technically jets, turbo props are a classification of private planes you can rent. Turbo prop planes can carry more passengers, somewhere in the range of 10 most of the time.

They are, however slower and have a shorter range before refueling than planes in the very light jet class. Turbo prop planes are great for landing at remote or primitive airstrips.

Light Jets

Light jets like the Lear 70 and 75 are what most people think of when they picture hiring a private plane. Most light jets can carry right around 10 passengers at high speeds for mid-range trips of about 2000 nautical miles.

Midsize and Supermid Jets

Midsize jets are larger, faster, and longer-range models of light jets. They are great for long-distance trips where you need to go more than a few thousand nautical miles without a refueling stop.

Supermid jets are the premium and larger version of midsize jets. If you need to travel farther, faster, or with more people, they are an excellent option. Check out some options to see for yourself.

Heavy Jets and Airliners

For the fastest and largest jets capable of carrying your entire entourage, you need to hire a heavy jet or airliner. These behemoths are capable of carrying up to 20 people over long distances at high speeds.

They are capable of landing at most airports, although some small or remote airstrips may not be ideal for them. If you plan on spending a lot of time in the sky or are traveling for important business, they are your best choice.

Make the Most of Your Private Jet Rentals

If you are willing to spend the extra money to pay for private jet rentals in your life, you might as well get exactly what you want. Use the private jet charter tips in this guide to pick the appropriate size plane for your upcoming trip.

If you have any other questions about the jet chartering process, contact us today. We are your experts in the field of private aviation, and we would be happy to bring you through the skies in style.