There’s a first time for everything, including flying on a private jet. Is this your first time considering the option to fly private? If so, you’re not alone.

Over the course of 2020, more and more Americans chose to skip the crowded airports and fly on private jets. In fact, 44% of the passengers booking private jets in 2020 had never done so before.

Chances are, you have a lot of questions about what to expect from your private jet trip. What happens during the booking process? What should you know about the day of your flight?

We’re here to answer all of these questions and more in our guide to preparing for a private jet trip.

How to Choose the Right Jet

If you’ve never flown private before, you’ve never had the opportunity to choose the plane you’re flying on. Instead, you had to pick from a narrow pool of options based on price, available seating, and limited scheduling. 

Now, you get to decide on the jet that suits your needs. We have six different types of jets to choose from for your private jet charter. Let’s take a look at how you can make that decision. 


How many people are you traveling with? How much luggage and cargo are you intending to bring along? 

If you’re traveling with a very limited group, a light or very light jet will probably do the trick. However, if you’re traveling with 7-19 passengers, you will need to choose from the midsize to heavy range.


Remember, when you’re booking a private jet, you’re not paying per seat. In other words, it won’t cost less to book a private jet if you’re the only one on it. Instead, you’re paying for private access to the entire jet and the option to travel with whomever you please.

The cost of your flight is calculated by the type of jet you charter, where you want to go, and when. We break down your payment by the hour, meaning that longer flights will typically cost more. However, the hourly rates will fluctuate based on things like demand, as well.

How to Lower the Cost of Flying Private

By scheduling your flights carefully, you may be able to lower the cost of flying private. For example, it may cost less to book flights in the middle of the week, when demand is lower than on the weekends. 

One guaranteed way to lower the cost of your flight is to book what we call an empty-leg flight. An empty-leg flight refers to a flight that is scheduled with no passengers on it and typically occurs when we must return the aircraft to its base.

Empty-leg flights are one-way flights. In order to take advantage of the lower costs, you won’t have as much flexibility in regard to the day and time the flight is departing. However, if an empty-leg flight lines up well with your planned trip, it’s always worth looking into.


Preparing for Your Flight

How can you make sure that you’re prepared for your private jet trip? Vacation planning is easy when you’re flying private. You’re in control of your trip from start to finish; we just ask you that you prepare for these few things.

Have ID on Hand

When flying private, you don’t have to go through TSA checkpoints. However, we still ask that you bring some form of photo ID when boarding our private jets. This ensures both your safety and the security of your flight by allowing us to verify that you are the individual who booked the flight.

Traveling With Pets? Let Us Know

We almost always allow passengers to fly with their pets in the seating area. However, we do ask that you let us know in advance if you are planning to bring your pet(s). We may have some regulations regarding leashing or crating that we’d like to discuss before your arrival.

Double Check Luggage Requirements

One common misconception is that there are no luggage regulations or requirements on a private jet. The truth is that we do have to provide strict luggage regulations in order to ensure the safety of each flight. Once you have booked the private jet of your choice, we ask that you review the luggage requirements for the model you will be taking.

When to Arrive for Your Private Jet Flight

After a year of uncertainty and low commercial flight sales, major airports are booming again. That means long security lines–and the necessity for early arrival times. Do you have to show up two hours early for your flight when flying private?

One of the best parts about flying private is that you don’t have to jump through all of the same hoops. There are no lengthy lines, no giant terminals to navigate, and no layovers to account for. On the day of your flight, you can show up ten minutes early without worrying about missing your flight.

In some cases, if you show up early and your pilot and crew are ready, we may even be able to depart earlier than planned.

Book Your Private Jet Trip With Presidential Aviation

Are you ready to book your first private jet trip? We hope that our flying tips and private flight preparation guide has helped you navigate the process. Our goal is to ensure that your planning process is as smooth as your flight.

Do you have more questions about chartering your own private jet? Take a look at our FAQ section or give us a call and we’ll answer all of your questions.

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