Traveling via airplane can be a great way to get around the globe fast, but the recent drama over the news has made typical flying a hassle. Planning flights is never easy and can become a nightmare when things go wrong in a public airport. This is why it might be time for you to plan a trip with private jet group travel instead of flying commercial.

Flying is a necessity in today’s world, which has interconnected many countries and people together. But the stress of putting together a trip and making it to the airport on time can be immense for anyone, especially after the introduction of COVID. But booking a private jet for a trip will let you have a relaxing flight together with your group and help you save a lot of time.

Want to know how you can save time with private jet group travel and give your people a relaxing flight together? Continue reading to see why flying private can be the best option for your next upcoming trip. You may not want to fly with a commercial airline again after learning more!

What Does Flying Private Mean?

Unlike most flights that people board at the airport, flying a private jet means you choose which passengers get on the plane. This can mean you, your family or friends, or anyone else who needs to travel alongside you. Private jets are exactly what they are said to be, private.

With private jet group travel, you can arrive at the same time together with everyone and board at the same time. There is a lot of flexibility with how your trip can go.

This can include allowing you to choose where to leave from, where to land, and even what type of private jet will be used for the trip. There isn’t complete control over every aspect of a flight, but there is a lot more freedom compared to taking a commercial flight to a destination.

When it comes to the quality of service, other commercial airlines don’t reach the same standard. Flying with a private jet means you have unmatched service designed to make the experience unforgettable. There will be no lost luggage worries you have to plan for because you and your cargo will be taken care of.

The Pros of Private Jet Group Travel

As mentioned, there is more room to customize your experience for a trip when you fly private. But there are other benefits to using a private jet while in the air that you won’t find with any other types of flights.

Private jet cabins are often quieter when in the air, while also being more luxurious. Private jet cabins have a big emphasis on comfort for their passengers, including a wider selection of seating arrangements and food items. The entire cabin is just for you and your party, allowing for a more private and relaxing flight.

At the same time, flying private can help you save a lot of time before and during a trip. You’ll be able to board your jet faster and you’ll travel at faster speeds than most other planes in the air. Private jets are also able to leave from more types of airports, including smaller ones, giving you more options to begin and end a trip.

One of the biggest time savers comes skipping the long procedures at the airport before your flight. When using a private jet, you don’t need to arrive so early at the airport to check in with TSA or anything else. There are fewer pre-boarding procedures and your jet is ready to go within the hour of you booking your flight.

Types of Private Jet Travel

There are six methods of flying a private jet, each with its own cost and varying levels of flexibility. However, all of them are great ways to save time on a trip and offer a private travel experience that is higher than other airlines.

Seat share and empty leg jets are usually private jets for booking a single seat. But the one most people use is a private jet charter, which is used for a variety of trips for either singles or groups of passengers. It is more expensive than the other two, but one of the most affordable group rates for luxury travel.

Other types of private jets you can book include private jet cards, fractional ownership, and private jet whole ownership. These are some of the more expensive, but highly luxurious private jet options. Most of these can be flown whenever needed, with little to no hassle in setting up a trip to where you need to go.

Saving Time on Trips With Private Group Travel

By reading through our overview on private jets and how to save time with private jet group travel, you can plan ahead for your next big trip. Flying a private jet can be the best option for going on the ultimate trip with others, leading to an unforgettable experience that is unmatched by any other airline out there. Your next pleasant flight is only a few steps away.

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