There really is no place like home for the holidays. Getting there, though, is more difficult some years than others. Some years the idea of going home for the holidays seems too impossible to consider due to timing, work, and booked-up commercial flights.

Book a private jet charter for the holidays.

Book a private jet charter for the holidays.

There is a better way, though. That way is to charter a private jet to get you home for the holidays. These are the many ways private jets can put the cheer back in your holiday plans – and take you home for the holidays too!

Get the Family Together in Style

Private jets have far more scheduling flexibility than traditional airlines. You can travel home while making stops along the way to pick up other family members. It can be the grandest surprise for aging relatives anticipating a low Christmas turnout when the entire family shows up at once. Aside from that, everyone on the flight will have their own special memory to take home this holiday season by experiencing the unsurpassed luxury of flying home for Christmas on a plush private jet.

Give a Special Gift to Deserving Loved Ones

Reward the parents or grandparents who have supported you in sports, music, movies, business, and every other endeavor along the way by bringing them to you this Christmas – in the lap of luxury. Schedule a private jet charter to bring the remote family members to you and relax with the knowledge that the people who matter most to you are being well cared for and tended to during their flight.

Pack your suitcase with presents and book a private jet charter for the holidays.

Pack your suitcase with presents and book a private jet charter for the holidays for you or your loved ones.

Make Flying Home for the Holidays Less Stressful

Flying by commercial airlines is stressful. Especially during the holidays. There are larger than average crowds, weather and mechanical-related delays, and the TSA screening process which so many people find unnerving in its own right. Then, there is often the 4:00 am airport arrival so that you can make it through the lengthy check-in and checking process and still make your flight on time.

On top of everything else, private charter jets can often get you even closer to home than traditional airliners. That is because there are many more general purpose airports suitable for private jet charter flights than there are major airports in the country. This means there is a greater chance of flights landing close to your actual destination – and a much smaller commute after the flight has landed.

Schedule Private Jet Charters Wisely to Sleep During the Flight

Scheduling private jet charters for night time flights allows you to get some much needed sleep during the flight so that you are well-rested and ready to go once your feet hit the ground. No matter how much time you spend back home, there never seems to be enough time to see everyone you would like to see and catch up with old friends and family while making new memories.

Travel Faster than Commercial Flights

Flying commercial airlines takes time. It might not be as long as driving in most cases. But by the time you tack on 2+ hours to get through various checkpoints (and waiting to board the plane with layover times and other delays that occur in the regular course of flying), a commercial flight can waste a substantial amount of time. Valuable time. Time that could be spent with family, shopping, or taking care of the 1,001 small tasks that are necessary during the holiday season. Private jet charters will get you there quickly with a short check-in procedure and no layovers required for most flights.

Get Away to Sun and Fun During the Holiday

Perhaps your holiday season is filled with thoughts of going to a warm place filled with sun and an inviting beach. A private jet charter can add to the peace, relaxation, and rejuvenation you might be looking for.

Sitting on a beach during the holidays.

Sitting on a beach during the holidays.

Whatever your reasons for considering private jet charters for the holiday season, call Presidential Aviation to help you schedule your private jet charter flight today. We’ll help you make this holiday season one you are sure to remember fondly for many years to come.