Did you know that 75 percent of landings and takeoffs in U.S. airports occur on general aviation airports? Many of these flights take place at general aviation airports. That makes general aviation airports vital to commerce and transportation within the U.S.

Needs Served by General Aviation Airports

Far more than a place for private charter jet flights to take off and land, the FAA states that general aviation airports serve many vital needs that scheduled airline services are unable to meet.

This includes things like:

  • Emergency medical flights
  • Aerial firefighting flights
  • Law enforcement flights
  • Flight training
  • Time-sensitive cargo services
  • Business travel
  • Personal travel
  • Agricultural functions
General aviation airports serve emergency medical flights.

General aviation airports serve emergency medical flights.

General aviation airports serve flight cargo needs.

General aviation airports serve flight cargo needs.

The list could go on. Understanding the scope of general aviation airports helps to explain their critical role in travel, transportation, and infrastructure throughout the U.S.

Small plane parked on a general aviation airport tarmac.

Small plane parked on a general aviation airport tarmac.

General aviation airports often have facilities for pilots, refueling, and refreshing. Some of them are equipped with business equipment, conference rooms, flight crew quarters, and aircraft mechanic services. Some offer catering and others have more advanced facilities featuring multiple fixed-base operators (FBOs).

Business Benefits of General Aviation Airports

Many business benefits associated with general aviation airports mimic the charter jet benefits associated with them. General aviation airports don’t operate on a system of scheduled departure times the way major airports throughout the country do. But that is only a small portion of the benefits. Other benefits include the following:

Aircraft landing at a regional airport.

Aircraft landing at a regional airport.

Location, Location, Location

According to Business Aviation, the air transportation system for the U.S. consists of approximately 5,300 public use airports. Of which, only around 550 are served by commercial airlines. This means that general aviation airports account for a wide majority of U.S. airports – making them much more easily accessible for businesses that take place in smaller towns and communities throughout the country.

Why is this so beneficial? Business and commerce take place in far more than 86 areas of the country. Some businesses even have major headquarters an hour or more from the nearest major airport where scheduled flights are available. Flying into the regional airports, though, saves travel time and places business professionals closer to their actual destinations.

No Strings Private Aviation Flights

When working with major airports and flying on scheduled flights, you’re always limited to the availability and best interests of the airline rather than what’s in the best interest of your business. When you schedule charter jet flights, you choose the airport, the travel time, and who goes along for the ride.

Skip the Crowds with Charter Jet Scheduling

The real beauty of general aviation airports for many business, medical, and even civil flyers is that they allow them to avoid the crowds and chaos so common in major airports. This makes the entire flight process more relaxing and enjoyable. Of course, those enjoying the luxury of private jet charter flights might find the crowd relief a distant second to that of actually flying on a luxury aircraft.

Private aviation today is so much more than business charters to exotic destinations only used by the elite. It is used by athletes, politicians, and busy professionals. Flying from one general aviation airport often allows those professionals to shave hours off their commute times by landing closer to their destinations while getting work done in flight. It’s a win any way you slice it.

Using general aviation airports, Presidential Aviation offers more charter jet scheduling options to our valued customers. Call today to learn what types of luxury charter jet aircraft we have to meet your needs and to schedule your private jet charter flight right away.