According to a recent survey, only 3% of passengers who rent private jets plan to reduce the number of times they use this service.

What’s more, the industry boasts a 100% retention rate when it comes to new customers.

Are you tempted to explore this increasingly popular mode of travel, but not sure what it entails? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about private jet rentals.

Why Do Travelers Rent Private Jets?

There are many reasons to hire a private jet, but nowadays, the main focus is on safety.

Traveling inside an airplane poses a low risk of viral infection. The real danger lies in the crowds at the airport.

Private jet rentals are a safe way to travel if you want to limit social contact. You never need to queue in a crowded airport while waiting for your flight, and you’ll have the aircraft to yourself throughout your trip.

Ways to Book Private Jets

There are several ways to enjoy the luxury, privacy, and exclusivity of private jet charters. These are:

Buying a Jet

Few people can afford to buy and maintain a private jet. Some of these customized aircraft can cost billions of dollars while the cheaper ones come in at around $1 million.

The cost of keeping a pilot and other staff on your payroll, fuel costs, hangar rental, and expenses relating to maintaining your plane in peak condition all add up too.

Owning a jet is a great option for those who use it regularly for business, but it’s rarely a good option for occasional air travel. In most cases, it’s always better to charter a jet, especially with the wide range of rate packages available nowadays.

Conventional Custom Jet Charters

These charters work with dozens of operators to source the perfect flight according to your preferences. They can help you choose the perfect aircraft for your purposes and take care of all the logistics applicable to your flight.

Some of these businesses make it easier for you to afford your flights by means of a debit card which you can use to book your jet hire and top up in anticipation of your next trip.

Fly Sharing Options

These companies allow more than one party to share a charter jet if they’re heading in the same direction. This means you can split the costs for the trip between all the passengers.

It also uses less fuel and produces fewer carbon emissions than if everyone booked their own airplane. You’ll still enjoy the perks of traveling alongside fewer passengers and all the other benefits of a private jet hire.

Membership Programs

These subscription programs are an attractive option for frequent fliers who don’t want to own a jet. You can choose from a range of tiered membership offerings, and you pay a fixed monthly or annual fee that allows you to fly accordingly.

Empty Leg Charters

Sometimes passengers book one-way flights on a private jet, which means they need to pay for the costs associated with flying the plane back home afterward.

You can book this empty flight via some charter hire companies. These flights help cut down the costs for both parties.

If you’re flexible regarding your travel arrangements, empty leg flights are a good option for you.

Private Jet Cost Considerations

Regardless of which charter plane option you choose, there are three factors that affect private jet rental cost factors. Charter companies scale prices according to how long you’ll be in the air, the size of the jet you book, and your catering needs.

The most common types of jets used for charter travel include:

  • Very light jets catering for up to seven passengers
  • Small and super light jets carrying six to eight passengers
  • Mid-size cabin jets that accommodate from seven to nine passengers
  • Super mid-size cabin jets capable of transporting from eight to twelve passengers
  • Heavy jets and ultra-long-range jets for nine to 19 passengers
  • Executive or Bizliners that cater for up to 48 passengers

Most charter companies base their prices on an hourly rate related to how much it costs to keep the plane in the air.

So, it makes sense that the bigger the plane, the further you travel, and the more attendants you need will all affect the price.

How to Book a Private Jet Charter

You will usually book your trip on a private jet via a broker or a charter operator.

Operators manage and maintain a fleet of jets, while brokers act as an intermediary between customers and operators. From a passengers’ point of view, they offer similar services.

You’ll need to have the following details to hand when you call to arrange your charter flight:

  • Your destination and departure date
  • Number of passengers and your preferred aircraft size
  • How much luggage you’re taking along
  • Your budget

The operator or broker will also need to know if you’re interested in an empty leg flight or want a customized one-way trip.

Once they’ve matched you with the best aircraft to suit your needs, you’ll receive a contract that you need to fill out and return to them. Be sure to check all the details carefully before you sign this agreement.

Although payment policies vary, you’ll usually need to pay for your flight in full soon after signing the contract. When you’ve paid for your flight, you’ll iron out the finer details and receive written confirmation of your arrangements.

After that, all you need to do is ensure you comply with any regulations pertaining to flying on a charter plane, pack your luggage, and arrive to board your plane.

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