During 2022 the number of flights was down 60%, with passenger numbers as low as 2003.

Nobody wants to fly amid a pandemic. But sometimes flying is essential, especially if it’s for business purposes.

So how can you get to your destination in a safe and stress-free manner? You charter a private jet. An increasing number of Americans are turning to private jets to travel.

Here are the reasons a private jet charter is a great way to get around.

1. Traveling Private Is More Efficient

Time is money and flying with business private jets saves time. Not only do you save time when you get to the airport. But the best private jet chartering company will also offer you services to go to your next destination.

You don’t have to waste your precious time worrying about logistics or organization; when you charter a private jet, all this hassle will be taken care of.

2. It’s Safer to Travel By Private Jet

When you fly with commercial airlines, you don’t know how strict they will enforce Covid regulations.

They are supposed to leave social distance seats between passengers. In reality, they want to fill the plane, and these safety measures aren’t enforced.

With a private jet rental, you can be assured that you will have the plane to yourself. You won’t need to spend time in communal areas, and it will mitigate your risk of exposure to Covid.

3. Enjoy Smoother Travel

Do you hate having to get to the airport two hours before your flight? Pointless waiting around for you to be called on board. Don’t get us started on the queues for immigration and bag check.

None of this happens when you travel privately. You turn up at the airport around 40 minutes before your flight and go straight through security to the tarmac.

Who knew travel could be so stress-free? Your flight will be so comfortable you can even get some work done while in the air. Productivity soars when you travel in comfort and style.

4. Private Jets Are an Employee Perk

Want to give your employees an incentive to travel? Have they been working hard all year and deserve a reward?

What better way to treat staff than offering them the chance to travel to meetings in luxury? Let them turn up to the event or important business meeting well-rested, without the stresses of traveling coach.

If your employees have a smooth journey to the meeting, they are much more likely to perform well and represent your company well.

5. No Need to Wait In Line

When you land, you don’t have to wait in line either. You will be taken straight to your onward transport, and someone will handle your bags for you.

Traveling with a private charter means you receive VIP service. You have no involvement in getting to your destination as the staff takes care of it for you.

6. Charter a Private Jet to Selected Destinations

Commercial airlines fly to destinations that are often far from city centers. This means sitting in traffic when you arrive at the airport to get to the location of your meeting.

When you travel with a private charter, you have a much broader selection of airports to choose from. You can fly to smaller airports closer to city centers and reduce your travel time significantly.

7. Private Jets Are Flexible

Ever spent hours on the phone trying to cancel and reschedule a commercial flight?

You will never have to go through this if you are traveling by private jet. You choose the takeoff and landing time to suit your schedule.

Need to rearrange at the last minute or push back take off a couple of hours? Private charters have you covered. It’s our job to accommodate your needs and make your trip as comfortable and relaxed as possible.

Did you know that you can charter a private jet even with two hours’ notice? We get it; plans change, you need a last-minute solution. The flexibility of private charters offers that.

Many planes will be taking one-leg journeys (a flight back from their main destination). This means if there is a plane in the place you need to leave from, we can rapidly charter it for you.

One-leg journeys are more affordable, too; the plane would have been making the journey anyway.

How to Book Private Jets

When you charter a private jet, you will have a dedicated team to look after your needs. Our job is to make your booking process and planning as simple as possible.

We don’t want you wasting any unnecessary time on administration and organization. Your private charter will arrange everything from the pilot to the crew to your route through the airport at your destination.

All you need to inform us of is how many people you are, where you want to go and how much luggage you will bring. We take care of the rest.

Need ongoing transport once you land? We can arrange that for you too.

The whole process of arranging a private charter is efficient and seamless. You don’t need to spend multiple hours researching flight routes, times, and costs. Advise us of your needs, and we will provide a quote; it’s as simple as that.

Get Booking

If you charter a private jet, it will be safer, smoother, and more efficient for your business travel. It won’t necessarily be much more expensive than a first-class ticket on a commercial airline.

Want to speak to one of the experts on your flight requirements? Get in touch with us today.