As more Americans are getting back into their normal travel routines, the way we think about travel has changed. We are seeing a renewed interest in health and safety when it comes to travel. Choosing private jets comes with a host of health and safety benefits as well as many others. This article will tell you seven reasons why more Americans are choosing private jets as their preferred method of travel.

1. Private Jets Are Much Safer

If you are afraid to fly on a commercial airline, you’re not alone. According to some estimates, as many as 25% of Americans are nervous about flying. Around 6.5% of Americans have aviophobia – a strong fear of flying that affects their lives.

There is nothing to be afraid of when you travel by private jet. Private jets reduce passengers’ exposure to safety and security risks and statistics show you’re less likely to run into trouble when you choose a private jet versus a commercial flight.

One of the reasons why this is true is because private jets undergo rigorous safety and compliance testing. Charter companies hire third-party companies that specialize in airline safety to ensure their jets meet all safety screenings and requirements.

This evaluation is strict and companies that meet these high standards are very safe.

2. Private Jets Are Cleaner

Passengers that travel on a commercial airline have to pass through at least two major airports. These passengers go through 700 touchpoints on every flight, leaving them more susceptible to picking up germs.

Meanwhile, travelers who fly by private jet only encounter around 20 touchpoints. Their risk for contagion is 30 times lower than that of a commercial airline traveler.

How do they do this? Private jets have the privilege of using private terminals located within major airports. Travels can relax before their flight in their own special terminal and are not exposed to the hustle and bustle of a regular airport terminal.

These private terminals also limit the number of passengers. There are fewer travelers and staff. That means you interact will fewer people and minimize your risk of exposure to health risks.

3. Private Jets Are Affordable

In recent years private jet costs have seen a sharp decrease. Some private flights have gone down as much as 50% making them even closer to the price of a fist call or business class ticket on commercial carriers.

If you are a frequent flyer who accumulates 150 hours in the air or more per year, you may be able to enjoy some cost savings by choosing to fly on a private jet. If you are planning a family vacation or a business trip with multiple staff members or clients, a private jet can also help you save money.

According to a recent market study by Avinode, chartering a super-midsize private jet to fly from New York to Miami would have cost as much as $20,000 five years ago. Today you can book the same private jet for around $10,000.

So, how much to fly private jet? A super mid-sized jet can accommodate up to ten passengers with each passenger paying $1,000 for their flight.

Private jet charter companies also have fractional ownership programs where members can travel whenever they need without having to pay the upkeep of owning their own jet.

These differences are making private jet travel much more affordable today than in previous years.

4. Private Jets Are Faster

For executives time is money. A CEO’s time may be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Flying via private jet helps them get where they need to be much faster and without losing time at the airport.

Commercial airline travelers spend around 90 minutes waiting for at the airport before they can board the plane. If you’re flying internationally that wait can be up to 3 hours long!

A private jet removes all the hassle of flying. The typical wait time for a private jet is around 15 minutes. Everything is arranged to meet your schedule. Those 15 minutes are spent on procedures for immigration, customs, and boarding.

Flying by private jet allows you to maximize your time and stay productive. If you are a business executive time is money. Private air travel can give you extra hours in your day to manage your business or investments.

If you need to travel on short notice it can be difficult to find a commercial flight. This is not a problem for private jets. Most private jets can arrange travel within a few hours.

5. Private Jets Are Private

When you fly via a private jet you will experience unmatched privacy. This is why many celebrities, athletes, and government figures choose a private jet. The terminals are private and the aircraft has very few passengers on board.

Everyone is treated with respect and passengers can rest assured knowing that they are protected. Private jets offer travelers plenty of space and peace of mind when traveling.

6. Private Jets Have First-Class Amenities

Just when you thought flying by private jet couldn’t get any better, it does! Private jets are known for their top of the line luxurious amenities. From the spacious cabin to the plush seating and even bedrooms with ensuite showers, private jets have everything you could need for a relaxing flight.

Passengers can bring their pets aboard and there is no need to limit the size of your liquids onboard. Most private jet companies also offer premium catering services and in-flight entertainment.

7. Private Jets Have Outstanding Service

When you fly onboard a private jet you can expect to receive the best service. Most flights will have a pilot, co-pilot, and a stewardess or two. Do not hesitate to ask your stewardess for anything that you need while on board.

It’s their job to make sure you are comfortable. Many stewardesses also are able to make cocktails for you while in the air.

Fly Private Jet for the Best Flying Experience

If you are looking for the best option for flying then you need to fly private jet. Now is the perfect time to choose a private jet for your next trip.

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