Airport Name ICAO City
Johnson Airstrip Eldridge
Mutschler Field Clementsville
Sprague Courtenay
L Seckerson Airstrip Eldridge
Liechty Farm Montpelier
Anderson Rogers
Rau Field Medina
Waldie Farms Marion
Barnes County Muni KBAC Valley City
Gackle Muni Gackle
Edgeley Muni Edgeley
Gienger/box Bar Ranch Streeter
Carrington Muni Carrington
Cooperstown Muni Cooperstown
Gage Flying Farmer Oriska
La Moure Rott Muni La Moure
Kulm Muni Kulm
Tappen Airstrip Tappen
Johnson Pvt Airstrip Luverne
M Bodvig Airstrip Tappen
Larson Fullerton
Lindemann Lucca

Looking to charter a private jet to or from Jamestown Regional? Jamestown Regional (JMS) is located in North Dakota. It has at least 2 runways, ranging from 5,750 ft. to 6,502 ft. length. Contact Presidential Aviation to rent a private jet to Jamestown Regional.