Location: TBD
Event Date: Begins October 24, 2017 (potential Game 7 is scheduled for November 1)

World Series Private Jet Charter

2017: Begins October 24, 2017 (potential Game 7 is scheduled for November 1)

The World Series is Major League Baseball’s final competition for the season. It is a best of seven series between the number one teams in the American League and the National League.

Charter a private plane to the World Series

Charter a private plane to the World Series

The All-Star game for the season determines which field has home field advantage in the World Series. While all World Series matches make history, as the days wind down to the 2016 World Series, there is great speculation that the Cubs could break their long drought by appearing for the first time since 1945. If they win, it will be the first time they’ve enjoyed this particular victory since 1908.

America’s beloved pastime: baseball

America’s beloved pastime: baseball

The Cleveland Indians have already secured their spot in the World Series and history. While they have not had a World Series victory since 1948, they have made it to the title round six times since 1997.

According to NBC Chicago, the schedule for the 2016 World Series is as follow:

  • October 25 @ Cleveland
  • October 26 @ Cleveland
  • October 28 @ TBD
  • October 29 @ TBD
  • October 30 @ TBD
  • November 1 @ Cleveland
  • November 2 @ Cleveland

Of course, games five through seven may not be necessary at all if one of the teams makes a clean sweep in the first four games.

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