Location: TBT
Venue: TBT
Dates: Begins October 24, 2017 (with a potential Game 7 set for November 1, 2017)

World Series of Baseball Private Jet Charter

The 2017 World Series of Baseball may lack the emotional gravitas of the 2016 series when the Cubs broke a 108 year old curse to win the World Series of Baseball for the first time since 1908, but it will mean the world to the fans of two teams who have shed plenty of blood, sweat, tears, and no small amount of anticipation waiting for this moment in the season. The 2017 series also represents a deviation from modern tradition in that home field advantage will go to the team with the best regular season record rather than being determined by the 2017 All Star Game.

Flying by executive jet charter to any one of the best of seven World Series of baseball games allows you to fly on your own timetable and in luxury and comfort so you arrive well-rested and ready to cheer your home team onto victory.

The Word Series is played annually beginning in October.

World Series of Baseball History

Since 1903 the Modern World Series has been used to determine the team that takes top marks for each season. The rules have changed some over the years and today the World Series of Baseball is a best of seven series. No team has won back to back championships in the World Series since the New York Yankees managed to do so in 1998, 1999 and 2000.

The World Series of baseball between the American League and the National League was first played in 1903.

Charter Your Jet to the World Series of Baseball

Flying by corporate jet charter to the World Series of Baseball means you can enjoy exceptional customer service, luxurious seating arrangements, privacy and various business amenities so you can finish your work while in the air and focus on victory on the ground.

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