Location: Varies by Round

Event Date: March 13 – April 2, 2017

Charter a Private Jet to NCAA March Madness Games 2017

March Madness is the event to see in college basketball, whether you happen to be a basketball fan of epic proportions, you simply want to support your favorite university, or are a player, coach or affiliated to the event in another way.

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Book a private jet flight to March Madness basketball games

The nickname, “March Madness” refers to the fervor surrounding the series that is largely played within the month of March. Flying to March Madness by private jet charter is the only way to go as it allows you to seamlessly follow your team as it advances from one round to the next.

There are few spectacles in sports quite like the tournament. The good news is that you do not need a play-by-play of every game to keep up with the action and who is who in the tournament. You can print your own bracket to fill in as you go.

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March Madness tournament selections takes place on March 12, 2017

Tournament selections take place on “Selection Sunday”, March 12, 2017, and you can stream it live by visiting NCAA.com.

The event occurs in several elimination rounds in various locations around the country, including the following:

  • The First Round
  • The Second Round
  • The Sweet Sixteen (regional semi-finals)
  • Elite Eight (regional finals)
  • Final Four (national semifinals)
  • The National Championship

From the moment teams are announced it is a race to the finish, beginning with the First Four, set to take place March 14 -15 in Dayton and ending with the National Championship on April 3 in Phoenix.

Teams do not have long to rest once they have won their games before moving onto the next round with the First/Second Rounds occurring between March 16 and 19.

This is followed by the Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final Four, and the National Championship. Each one offers fiercer competition and gets teams one step closer to what is arguably the biggest single game in college hoops each year – if not hoops in general. Get your tickets early and schedule your charter jet flight so that you never need to miss a single minute of intense action.

There is excitement among students, alumni, and fans alike for each stage of the contest, but things really work into a fevered frenzy once teams make it into the Sweet Sixteen round or higher. It means national recognition for the university and proper respect for the athletes that represent it.

About March Madness

For those who love college hoops, it doesn’t get much better than March Madness. This is the nickname that has been awarded to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament that begins each year in March and is played mostly within the same month. The single elimination tournament begins with 68 Division 1 college basketball teams competing for the title.

Whether you are going to cheer on your alma mater or you are simply a fan of the game, attending March Madness is an amazing experience for all who manage to go.

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Why Fly Private Aviation to March Madness Games?

The fact that you can schedule private jet charters with little lead time and only as needed means that you can get to the game when others may be out of luck with traditional airlines. It also means that you can arrive at the games of your choice on your terms and timetables. Commercial flights do not allow the degree of flexibility for timing of flights, layover requirements, and more.

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Flying by private jet allows you to schedule your flight at your own convenience. It allows to fly in privacy or with a select group of friends, family, and former classmates. You can even make multiple stops along the way to Glendale, Arizona for the Final Four to pick up college buddies. Private jet charters allow you to continue your celebrations on the plane – and you don’t have to worry about fans from the other team putting a downer on things – unless you invited them along.

Another benefit of flying by private jet to March Madness games is that you can choose the airport that works best for you. Whether you are interested in flying into an airport that is close to your lodging for the event or you want fast access to the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona where the Final Four Tournament will be played.

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When flying into Glendale, Arizona for the games, chances are that you will land at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, though you may choose a longer drive with amazing views if you elect to fly into Flagstaff Pulliam Airport, Tucson International Airport, or Yuma MCAS/Yuma International Airport. Flying by commercial airlines allows fewer options for destinations.

Contact Presidential Aviation today and let us help you schedule a private jet charter to March Madness, 2017. We will tend to the details so you can focus on cheering your team to victory.