Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Venue: Indianapolis Motor Speedway
Date: May 28, 2017

Indianapolis 500 Private Jet Charter

For most of the world the Indianapolis 500 is a one-day event. For the city of Indianapolis, it is a month-long celebration of racing that culminates in 13 days of practices, qualifying, eliminations, concerts, and celebrations along the way – ending in the big event, the 101st Indianapolis 500, which takes place on May 28, 2017.

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The Indianapolis 500 is held over Memorial Day weekend.

Other celebrations related to the 2017 race include Miller Lite Carb Day on May 26. This day represents the final day of practice for drivers – one last time to tune their cars to the track and the most likely race day conditions.

It ends in a big concert, as of yet to be announced. Saturday, May 27, 2017, is Legends Day, which features a concert by Keith Urban this year. And the main event attendees often fly a corporate jet charter to takes place on Sunday when a new victor will be determined.

About the Indianapolis 500

Long considered the most prestigious event in Indy Car racing, the Indianapolis 500 almost always has been scheduled to take place on the Sunday before Memorial Day since 1974. It is a 200-lap race on a 2.5-mile oval circuit track and the first Indianapolis 500, called “International 500-Mile Sweepstakes Race” at the time, took place in 1911. The name has changed many times over the years and is now known as the Indianapolis 500.

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Book your private jet charter to the Indianapolis 500.

Flying Private Aviation to the Indianapolis 500

Private jet charter is an excellent way to arrive in style for the Indy 500 – an event which attracts celebrities and dignitaries from across the globe. You’ll probably land at the Indianapolis International Airport, which is the most convenient to the racetrack and Downtown Indianapolis, with its many attractions.

Call Presidential Aviation today to schedule your executive jet charter flight to the 101st Indianapolis 500 and the many events leading up to the big day.


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