Location: Cannes, France

Event Date: May 17 -28, 2017

Festival de Cannes 2017 – Cannes Film Festival by Private Jet Charter

The 70th Cannes Film Festival, or Festival de Cannes, will take place May 17 – 28, 2017. The festival’s Official Selection of films for Cannes will be announced mid-April leaving little time to schedule your Charter jet to Cannes Film Festival afterwards once the announcement is made.

Pedro Almodóvar, Spanish film director and screenwriter, will have the honor of being the Jury President for the 2017 competition.

 Festival de Cannes 3D film international cinema

The Cannes Film festival previews films in a variety of genres

The Côte d’Azur provides a stunning backdrop for the Cannes festivities, and many of the stars in attendance will charter yachts for the duration of the event, giving people watchers an opportunity to catch a glimpse of their favorite actors in the harbors or anchored in the bay. Other stars prefer the Carlton Cannes, but it is typically fully booked well in advance of the festival.

Beautiful model on the balcony of Palais des Festivals in Cannes

Private Jet Charter to the Cannes Film Festival

The Cannes Film Festival, formerly called the International Film Festival, takes place each year in Cannes, France. The festival is typically held in May and has been a constant presence in the film industry since 1946.

For the 12 days of the Cannes Film Festival, this famous town small town in France is inundated with visitors from around the world fortunate enough to have garnered an invitation and quite a few who are simply there to see the show played out off the screens. Cannes is widely known for attracting its share of Hollywood elites. Past attendees include names you know like Emily Blunt, Jake Gyllenhaal, Julianne Moore, Kristen Stewart, Liam Hemsworth, and even Harrison Ford have all made appearances at Cannes.

Cannes panorama

A panoramic view of Cannes

Some people appreciate Cannes for the exposure to obscure films, there are a few notable Cannes films you may have seen, including:

  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  • A. Confidential
  • No Country for Old Men
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Taxi Driver
  • The Fifth Element
  • The Usual Suspects
  • War Games
  • Willow

Bring your film to Cannes in a private jet and arrive to the French Riviera in style. Cannes Film Festival, for many in the industry, is the ultimate destination of any year.


Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes, France

Invitations to the main screenings are rare for anyone outside the film industry, but many people flock to the city for the festival atmosphere, parties, and to view film screenings at the beach. Films shown outside of the festival are those that are Out of Competition or Cannes Classics.

Why Schedule a Private Charter Jet to Cannes?

You will probably find that charter jet pricing to Cannes is quite reasonable for the privacy and luxury it provides. Then there is the added benefit of missing out on flights crowded with festival attendees streaming into the area. The privacy, though, is perhaps the greatest reason to consider a private jet to Cannes.

Cannes port, France

The port in Cannes, France

There will be plenty of noise, pomp, and circumstance at the film festival. Traveling by private jet to and from the main event allows you to relax in relative peace and quiet before and after the main event.

Schedule a Private Charter Jet to One of these Cannes Area Airports

Getting there is half the battle, but planning your charter jet flight to one of these airports offers convenient access to Nice and various Festival de Cannes events and activities.

Cannes-Mandelieu Airport (CEQ) – Only three miles from Cannes, this airport offers scheduled flights as well as facilities for private jets.

Cuneo International Airport (CUF) – For those who prefer to take the scenic route, this airport is located within three hours of Cannes. Driving from the airport to Cannes takes passengers down to the coast where they can drive through areas like Monte Carlo while enjoying stunning views.

La Môle-Saint Tropez Airport (LTT) – Airport offers a terminal building and hangar, a bar, and an aviation fueling station. The location is just 10 miles southwest of Saint-Tropez and about an hour and a half from Cannes.

Marseille Provence Airport (MRS) – The fifth busiest airport in France is located nearly two hours from Cannes.

Monaco Heliport (MCM) – The heliport is the only aviation facility available in Monaco. It is devoted strictly to helicopter travel and features one terminal.

Nice Côte d’Azur Airport (NCE) – Located in Nice, the airport is approximately 30 minutes from Cannes. The airport handles millions of passengers each year, including many coming in for events like Cannes Film Festival and the Grand Prix.

If you plan to travel to Cannes for the 70th Festival de Cannes, now is the time to schedule your private jet charter. Call Presidential Aviation today to learn more about your Cannes Film Festival flight options, which private jet best meets your needs, and the little touches of luxury you can add to make your trip a memorable experience.