Event Dates and Locations
Art Basel Asia: March 23 – 25, 2017 – Hong Kong (Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre)
Art Basel Europe: June 15 -18, 2017 – Basel, Switzerland (Messe Basel)
Art Basel America: December 7 -10, 2017 – Miami Beach, Florida (Miami Beach Convention Center)

Art Basel Private Jet Charter

Art is often used to make personal and political statements, to encourage others, and to change the world. Nowhere is that more obvious than at Art Basel, which may very well be the largest international venue in the world for modern and contemporary art.

Basel Switzerland On Red Stones

Art Basel is held in Switzerland, Miami, and Hong Kong.

Since 1970, Art Basel has provided a platform for galleries and artists across the globe – bringing the international art community closer together and showing everyone that the world is a much smaller place than we all realize. The three events host nearly 200,000 visitors each year who have the opportunity to view works of art presented by more than 500 of the leading galleries from around the world.

Art Basel Asia

Woman Contemplating Colorful Paintings

More than 780 galleries are displayed at the combined three Art Basel locations.

This event takes place in Hong Kong and endeavors to display the artistic diversity that abounds in the region – not only in traditional art mediums, but also incorporating the latest technologies. Art Basel in Asia will be held on March 23-25, 2017 in Hong Kong and features more than 240 galleries of established artists as well as those who are emerging.

Art Basel Europe

The 2016 event saw works created by more than 4,000 artists representing more than 280 of the leading art galleries from around the world. 2017 hopes to top the wild success of previous Art Basel in Europe events with various art talks, exhibitions, and events in addition to the stunning selection of art works to view. The 2017 Art Basel in Europe is being held in Basel from June 15 -18, 2017.

Art Basel America

Featuring works displayed in top galleries throughout North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia, Art Basel in America supports well-established modern and contemporary artists and emerging artists alike. The next Art Basel America show is in Miami, Florida on December 7 through December 10, 2017 and is expected to feature 260 galleries from around the world.

You will find many artistic mediums represented, such as:

  • Painting
  • Sculpting
  • Photography
  • Film

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