Travelers who have disabilities or illnesses that require them to travel with a wheelchair often find the thought of commercial flying to be intimidating and exhausting. Aside from long lines and uncomfortable security screening processes, there are added factors like crowded seating and little leg room to complicate things during flights. Traveling by private jet charter opens a whole new world of travel possibilities for passengers who are wheelchair bound with many benefits to consider.

Traveling by private jet charter removes the hassle for wheelchair-bound travelers.

Traveling by private jet charter removes the hassle for wheelchair-bound travelers.


Security for private aviation is equally as rigorous as security for commercial airlines. The difference is that private aviation has adequate personnel to handle the workload. For wheelchair-bound passengers, this means that security staff can come to you for your screening. You do not even need to get out of the chair in order for the screening to take place. Once the screening is complete you can take your time boarding your jet and getting into your seat.


On larger cabin private jets, seating is more spacious and comfortable on a private jet flight than in a commercial airline. Many passengers find that the safety restraints feel more secure which can be a benefit for passengers who have limited mobility. Spacious leg room and spacious seating on many private jets allow for greater comfort too. Knowing that it is not an ordeal to consider anytime someone needs to get into or out of a crowded row on a flight also provides a great amount of peace of mind. In most cases, your wheelchair can be securely stowed in the cabin for easy access once the flight lands and you are ready to disembark.

Privacy and Discretion

Among all the services private aviation offers people who are in wheelchairs or have other disabilities are privacy and discretion. All passengers will receive beyond-first-class service from beginning to end when scheduling a private jet charter for your travel needs. Only the flight crew and your invited guests will be allowed on the flight so you don’t have to contend with strangers around you aboard.

Wheelchair accessibility for travelling on private jet charters.

Wheelchair accessibility for travelling on private jet charters.

This allows greater comfort and avoids potentially uncomfortable situations that are so common in larger crowds like you will find on crowded commercial flights – even if you happen to be seated in first class.

Special Accommodations

Wheelchair accommodations are not the only thing you can find when flying via private aviation. All you need to do is make arrangements ahead of time and almost any special need can be met – including the need to accommodate specialty medical equipment like oxygen tanks. This also includes meeting specific needs like specialty diets for specific health needs or finding the right craft to accommodate health and fitness equipment that is necessary for movement and comfort once you land.

Private jet aircraft will also accommodate service animals during the flight so that there are no concerns about safety or discomfort related to separation from these important animals who provide invaluable assistance.

The difference when flying via private jet charter is that your safety, security, and personal comfort are the primary goal of your entire flight team. Yours and those of your invited guests. Commercial airlines have the needs of the many to consider and things like the personal comfort of individual guests who have special needs may not rate high on the radar.

Call Presidential Aviation today and let us show you the difference flying via private jet charter makes whether you are wheelchair bound or have other special needs to consider. We are confident that we will help you make all the arrangements necessary for a safe, comfortable flight that meets all your needs and one that surpasses your expectations.