Scheduling a private jet charter for business is a great way to maximize your time while traveling by taking care of business during flights. Flights to these U.S. business destinations can make flying via charter jet cost effective for businesses in more ways than one.

Top Business Destinations within the U.S.

By land, air, or sea, these U.S. cities are big on business and have the infrastructure to accommodate private aviation in place.

New York City

One of the busiest cities in the world, New York City is big for business. In fact, Think Advisor reports that New York City is not only the most competitive business city in the U.S., but in the world as well.

Most charter jet scheduling to and from the city goes through Teterboro Airport in New Jersey but is a very quick commute to business centers in Manhattan and other boroughs.

Aerial view of Manhattan.

Aerial view of Manhattan.


For the second year in a row, Chicago has landed in the number two spot for Inc. 5000’s Fast Growing Private Companies hub list. With business credentials like this, Chicago is bringing in large amounts of business travel, particularly in the IT field where business is booming. Chicago has also been named the Best Midwest City for Small Businesses by Credibility Business Index.

River view of Chicago.

River view of Chicago.

The fairly easy access to the business center of the city from airports like Chicago Midway Airport (MDW) and Chicago Executive Airport (PWK) make it easy to get around the city too.

San Francisco

San Francisco – Oakland, California has been ranked as one of the best cities for small businesses in the US. This is based on a number of criteria including taxes, talent pool, costs of doing business, and other criteria.

Panoramic view of San Francisco.

Panoramic view of San Francisco.

In 2014, San Francisco topped the Milken Institute rankings of Best-Performing U.S. Cities. In 2015, it was ranked second, behind San Jose.

Qualities behind the ranking include: wage growth over the last one and five years, low unemployment, number of established and startup tech companies, and health care. All these bright spots in the world of business also bring many business travelers scheduling private jet charters to the city through San Francisco International Airport (SFO) and Oakland International Airport (OAK).

Charter Jet Benefits for Business Travel

There are many reasons to consider private jet charters for business travel throughout the U.S. One of the most important is the amount of time it will save your company. Savvy business professionals understand that time is money. Especially when you are sending several professionals on a business trip to one destination.

Private jets are ready to go on your schedule. The airport process takes far less time for security and checking in for your flight than commercial airlines and, if someone is late, you do not have to worry about the jet leaving without that person. You also do not have to waste hours of time waiting to board aircraft, layovers to switch flights, or commuting to the ultimate destination as private jets have access to airports that do not accommodate major airlines, meaning you can land much closer to your actual destination when traveling to smaller towns or outlying areas of larger cities.

Finally, private jets are, well, private. Your employees can take care of business during the flight without worrying about confidentiality, chatty neighbors, or countless other distractions that abound on commercial flights.

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