The COVID epidemic has meant an increase in private jet use, as many travelers try to avoid the health and safety dangers of using a commercial flight. A private jet cuts out large airport queues and flights with large numbers of people on board. As such, it makes sense to fly private in the current climate. Due to this, some rules about private jet rentals have come into force, while others remain ambiguous. We give you the most up to date rules on private jet rentals.

You Can Book Individual Seats on a Private Jet

As many people are aiming to avoid the crush of commercial flights in the time of COVID, many private charter companies have opened up facilities to book seats on private jets with fewer numbers of people on board. It allows all the privileges and comfort of a private charter, but at a lower cost and with the benefits of enhanced safety due to fewer people on board.

It is easier to book than you think, and you can even download apps to book. Many do however require a membership fee. Alternatively, message us today and discuss your needs with one of our representatives.

Empty Leg Deals Are Still Available

An empty leg deal is a charter flight that is discounted as it is returning to its home base without passengers. As such, you can often get cheaper deals as the flights would essentially be empty anyway. Ask your private jet charter company to keep you informed of any deals between certain countries or cities.

You Still Do Not Need to Check Luggage

As airports work to free up space and stop crowding, rules on luggage still remain the same. You do not have to check in any baggage when traveling on a private jet. Simply turn up to your flight and hand over your case to be stored in the hold.

This will keep you away from crowds and large groups. With the correct precautions, it will increase safety on your way to the flight and destination.

Remember that some private jets do still have limited space. It may help if you check with the charter company before arriving if you have oversized luggage or lots of baggage. You should also check the dimensions of any hold baggage you are taking on board, as many private jets can have limited hold storage.

Passport and Visa Rules Still Apply

Although you will not need to stand in the long border control queues, you are still required to have a passport and identification if leaving the country. It is recommended that you bring these anyway on domestic flights in case of border and customs control checking. It is always your responsibility to have the correct documents.

When traveling to another country, you must also be aware of their visa restrictions and COVID testing requirements for entry. Many countries have strict testing requirements, that are often changing daily. Check with the embassy of the country you are flying to.

Make any Visa applications in advance and have them approved before flying. Be aware that due to COVID, Visa applications may take longer to process than they normally would. Look on the embassy website for that country and check for up to date information.

Delay to the REAL ID Deadline

Before the epidemic, state driver’s licenses were being replaced with enhanced driver licenses and REAL I.D. The Transport Security Administration (TSA) would not accept state licenses as identification and many people were standing in long, office queues to trade them. The deadline in which they would cease being accepted was October 1st, 2022.

Due to social distancing considerations, the rules for this have changed. You can now use your state driver’s license as ID until October the 1st 2021 for the purposes of identification.

Private Jet Rentals Have Implemented Increased Health and Safety

Just as commercial flights have done, many private jet charter companies have increased their health and safety measures. You can expect to see crew wearing face masks, and a deep clean is made of the aircraft before and after use. if you want to check, ask your private jet charter company for more information.

Some services may also be restricted to limit interactions. Food and drinks may also be served pre-packaged or in a more sanitized manner.

Rules When Travelling From Other Countries

Any foreign national who has been to China or Iran in the last 14 days can not enter the United States, effective as of February 2022. This restriction does exclude any citizens of the US, their families, and any permanent residents.

This did also apply to countries that were part of the European Schengen agreement, in which travel is freely permitted between countries without border control. Please check current restrictions and rules when traveling to any of these countries.

People entering the US from these countries must enter through one of the US airports that contain Coronavirus screening facilities.

Lack of Car Rental Facilities

Many smaller airports will not have car rental facilities. Due to low numbers of travelers, many of them are also running on a skeleton crew with limited numbers of vehicles. Book in advance or check with your private jet charter company to arrange this in advance.

Rules for Service Members

In March, it was announced that service members were banned from traveling in level 3 areas for 60 days. Their family members were also banned from traveling in level 2 locations for 60 days. Though this has now lifted, it may be worth checking close to your flight time if you are a service member.

Booking the Flight

Now you have seen the new rules and safety measures, we are sure you will see that it is much safer to fly with private jet rentals in the current climate. If you are looking to charter a private jet or book a flight, contact us today. We can assist in your travel needs, giving help, information, and organizing your trip starting today!