Private jets offer the opportunity to get to your destination in comfort and style and without all of the stress that goes along with taking a commercial flight. You may think that you need to be a millionaire to be able to afford to fly in this type of jet, however, with lots of private jet types available it’s possible to enjoy all of the benefits of this comfortable and convenient mode of transportation. The key to finding which types of private jets suit your budget and needs is to understand the features of benefits of all of the different types out there.

Here’s an informative guide to the different types of private planes.

Heavy Jets and Airliners

If you have a long international journey to make, then you will want to fly in a heavy jet that is capable of going the distance without the need to refuel.

The Gulfstream G650 and Gulfstream G650 ER are two excellent examples of small private jets.

Capable of carrying up to 19 people, this executive jet provides privacy for those traveling aboard it.

The G650 is capable of journeys of up to 7,000 NM, while the G650 ER (extended range) can go even further, at 7,500 NM.

Want to fly from New York to Dubai? That won’t be a problem with this type of jet. And, with speeds of 685 mph, you’ll cover the distance in good time.

Also in this category is the Gulfstream G600, which has a slightly shorter range.

Super-Midsize Jets

If you’re looking for a comfortable jet for fewer passengers to take on flights of a shorter distance, you might want to consider super-midsize jets.

With flight times of around seven hours without refueling and slower speeds in comparison to the larger jets, super-midsize jets are perfect for private transatlantic flights.

Some examples of this type of jet include the Gulfstream G200, the Falcon 2000, and Falcon 50EX.

With cruising speeds of 490 mph and a flight range of 2,250 NM, the G200 is great for both business and pleasure.

With plenty of entertainment and business amenities, the Falcon 2000 can go up to 5,440 NM at a top speed of 476 mph. Again, this is perfect for executive trips as well as personal flights.

Capable of up to 520 mph, and with the ability to go 3,900 NM on a trip, the Falcon 50 EX can seat up to nine people comfortably.

Midsize Jets

For shorter flights with fewer passengers, a midsize jet will prove to be the perfect solution for making flights to nearby countries.

Examples of this type of plane include the Learjet 40, the Hawker 850XP, and the Citation VI.

The Learjet 40 is a great example of this type of midsize jet. Suitable for carrying up to eight people at a time, with a maximum distance of 5,440 NM, you’ll be able to make some reasonably long journeys.

For shorter trips, the Hawker 850 XP can still make trips of up to 2,900 NM at a top speed of 493 mph. With a capacity of eight people, you can still enjoy plenty of space even in the more compact cabin.

Citation VI is great for shorter international flights. With a maximum distance of 2,054 NM, at a speed of 538 mph, you can still easily get to many destinations in style.

Light Jets

For short international flights, you and a smaller number of friends or associates can make the journey in comfort in a light jet.

Models that fit in this category include the Hawker 400A, Citation 550 Bravo, and the Citation Mustang.

The Hawker 400A is capable of traveling up to 1,547 NM on one journey, at up to 518 mph. This compact cabin still seats seven very comfortably. The plane even manages to fit a full galley for your in-flight meals.

The Citation 550 Bravo is one of the larger light jets allowing for up to 12 passengers. Capable of distances of 1,290 NM at 442 mph, this is ideal for crossing the states.

If you’re after a more exclusive flight, the Citation Mustang seats just four people. With a range of 1,150 NM, at speeds of 340 mph, you can make short trips across states or to nearby countries.


An alternative to the light private jets might be a turboprop. This type of plane is suitable for very short international and domestic flights.

With speeds generally around 300 mph and with travel ranges between around 600 NM and 1,500 NM, these are good for those quick business trips across states.

Very Light Jets

For the shortest distances, it’s worth looking at these smaller private jets.

Some examples of very light jets include the Eclipse 400, the Phenom 100, and the Phenom 300.

The Eclipse 400 is a very small plane that is capable of carrying just four passengers. The compact interior is still very comfortable, and you can still make trips of up to 1,250 NM at 380 mph.

With a slightly quicker cruising speed, the Phenom 100 is capable of speeds of 437 mph while taking you up to 1,178 NM in one journey. Carrying just four people, this is ideal for smaller groups.

The Phenom 300, on the other hand, is able to carry up to six passengers on a much longer journey of up to 2,268 NM. It’s able to do this at up to 518 mph.

Which Types of Private Jets Are Best for Your Journey?

With so many types of private jets on offer, it’s always important to consider how many people will be flying with you and how long your journey will be. Answer these questions before deciding on the right private jet for you.

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