Choosing a private jet aircraft is akin to selecting the perfect car for many. There are a slew of factors that define perfection for different people. The good news is flying by private jet charter gives you the flexibility of type of jet to use.

Presidential Aviation offers a wide range of private jet charter options to accommodate the varied needs of our clientele. This guide should help you make an informed decision about which aircraft is best suited for your travel needs. Our team of experts will also help you select the aircraft for your private charter.

There are several variables to keep in mind when choosing a jet, including:

  • Number of people traveling
  • Amount of luggage or cargo
  • Comfort
  • Purpose (ability to conduct business or sleep during the flight)
  • Food service options
  • Lavatory facilities
  • Speed and distance limitations of jets vs. time constraints
  • Airport and runway needs
  • Charter jet costs

Below are the main categories of private jet aircraft. The more you know about the available choices, the better prepared you will be to make the right choice for your needs.


This small aircraft is best suited for flights lasting two to four hours (flying at airspeeds of between 220 and 315 mph on average). Turboprops typically accommodating between two and eight passengers, though the Pilatus PC-12 can accommodate up to nine people.

A turboprop is an attractive solution for executive travel because of its lower fuel costs and easy access to smaller airfields that cannot accommodate larger aircraft. Turboprops can land on runways as small as 2,000 feet. Size on these aircraft is limited, keeping cargo and luggage storage at a minimum.

Light Jets

Generally able to accommodate up to eight passengers (though usually flying five to six for maximum comfort), light jets are a good choice for flights lasting between 2.5 and up to about four hours. Lavatory facilities may or may not be available on these jets, depending on the jet. Cargo storage space is also limited. At between 400 and 460 mph, flight speed on light jets is faster than turboprops, allowing for greater distances traveled without refueling.

Mid-Size Jets

These aircraft can fly up to nine people in comfort for five hours at airspeeds between 400 and 500 mph. Most mid-size jets also feature hot ovens or microwaves for meal or snack prep on board and fully enclosed lavatory facilities. You should also experience cabin heights that facilitate standing in the aisles for greater comfort.

Super Mid-Size Jets

Super mid-size jets can typically accommodate as many as nine passengers for flights up to 3,600 statute miles. For example, you can easily fly, without stopping, from the East Coast to the West Coast of the U.S.

The larger size of these jets makes them ideal for conducting business while traveling as they allow room for movement, conversation, and the conduct of business throughout the trip. You’ll also find that many mid-size jets offer more generous cargo and luggage capacity than smaller aircraft, though we recommend consulting with us if you have special cargo needs.

Heavy Jets

You’ll find that heavy jets are ideally suited for long distance travel (up to 9,000 miles statute miles without refueling) involving larger groups. Depending on the craft, heavy jets can seat up to 16 passengers comfortably (though some heavy jets may accommodate more).

These jets often offer in-flight services by flight attendants, full galleys, and office facilities so that you can conduct business as you travel and plenty of room to move around. Another benefit of heavy jets is that they can fly at higher altitudes than commercial airliners, allowing them to avoid turbulent weather conditions often encountered at lower altitudes.

Presidential Aviation is happy to assist you in the selection process so that you are sure to book the right aircraft to meet all your travel needs. Contact us today with your itinerary and travel plans, and we’ll help you choose the perfect aircraft for your private charter.