Thanks to innovative pricing models and increasing demand, private jet rental prices have fallen by around 22% this year. This makes this travel opportunity an even more attractive option for business travel.

Private jet rental provides a level of luxury, flexibility, and safety that commercial business class flights simply can’t match. If you want to experience the new face of business travel, keep reading for more information on how to book your ideal private charter.

Finding a Reputable Private Jet Broker

Whether you’re hiring a private jet for a business trip, a special occasion, or a private family vacation, you’ll likely work with a private jet broker when making your booking. 

These service providers work with jet owners who offer this service to the public and take care of all the booking details on their behalf.  

It’s best to get a reference from someone you know when choosing a broker, but you can also look at online reviews to help you find the best one. Once you’ve got a few names, browse their websites to see what they offer and if they’re licensed to operate in your state.

Alternatively, you can call them to discuss your needs and find answers to your questions. You must ensure you work with a company that has an excellent safety rating and complies with ARGUS industry standards.

Defining Your Travel Needs

Despite cheaper prices, hiring a private jet is a costly affair, so it’s important to find the most cost-effective solution for your needs. Remember, cheaper isn’t always the best option and more expensive prices might include convenient extra services.

When deciding on your jet charter, there are five things to consider:

1. Number of Travelers

Most private jets accommodate between 4 and 18 people, and smaller jets cost less to run and less to hire. The size of jet you choose can also impact your passengers’ comfort, depending on the cabin layout and interior height.

Consider whether you’re interested in a jet with a lounge-style interior layout, work desks, or a conventional seating arrangement. Smaller jets might not offer any onboard catering facilities, so keep this in mind when deciding on an aircraft. 

2. Luggage Requirements

While you won’t need to pay excess baggage fees when you charter a jet, there’s a limit to how much each size jet can carry. 

The smallest aircraft can only accommodate one or two pieces of carry-on luggage, so it’s vital to inform your broker if you’ll be transporting heavy equipment or sporting goods during your charter. 

3. Your Destination

Although some modern-day jets can manage intercontinental travel, most jets don’t have the fuel-carrying capacity to fly for more than 1,500 miles at a time.

If you need to travel further than that, your private jet will need to land and refuel along the way. The only way to avoid this is by hiring a larger jet. 

4. Airport Regulations

There are approximately 5,000 general aviation airports available to private airplanes in the USA. These include many airports located in remote places with short runways that can’t accommodate large jets.

5. Your Travel Dates

Private jet charters offer boundless flexibility when it comes to travel times and dates. Despite this, your travel dates might impact the availability of suitable jets as well as the costs involved.

If you’re prepared to adjust your travel dates or times to coincide with empty leg flights, you could save some money on the cost of your charter, too.

Booking Your Private Jet Rental

Most brokers offer convenient online private jet charter request forms. You’ll need to fill in most of the above information when you make your initial inquiry, as well as any special requests you may have.

Based on this information, your broker will match you with the best available jet for your needs and provide you with a quotation for your proposed trip.  

If you’re happy with the initial price, they’ll contact you to discuss any further requests you may have, such as catering or crew preferences. 

Once you’ve finalized the details and agreed to a price, you’ll receive a contract containing all the details of your charter flight. You can either sign this physically or by means of an e-signing app.

The broker will stipulate a secure, preferential payment option. You’ll need to pay for the basic cost of your flight upfront and receive a bill for any extras, like car transfers or catering, later. 

Finalizing the Details of Your Charter Flight 

When you’ve paid the cost of the flight, your broker will send you written confirmation of the details. You must present this when you arrive to take up your flight.

They’ll also arrange for your catering, car transfers, and any other requests ahead of time and keep you informed of any changes.

It’s up to you to ensure you have all the correct documentation ready for take-off. This includes the travelers’ identity documents, as well as visas and passports, if necessary.

Shortly before your flight, you receive an itinerary containing all the details of your flight. This document contains everything you need to know about your upcoming trip, such as:

  • Route details
  • Booking reference
  • Contact details of important crew members
  • Departure and arrival times
  • The tail number of your aircraft

You arrive at your designated airport in time for your flight, present your documents, and away you go. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Charter Flights 

Private jet rental is the ultimate solution for modern travelers. It offers easy, hassle-free access to aircraft and a safe, secure environment.

You won’t waste time queuing in crowded commercial airports or face the safety risks that can accompany large gatherings of people. The entire experience is easy, convenient, and flexible according to your needs.

Plus, it’s a lot easier to book a private jet charter than you think it is. Get in touch to find out more.