Flying. It can be considered inconvenient for some and a pleasure for others. 

It all depends on how you do it. Some people can only afford to fly coach on commercial flights. Others try to take it up a notch and fly first class on a commercial flight. 

Then, there are those who hire private jet charters. The truth is, this is getting more and more popular. 

There can be as more than 300,000 charter flights per month for just one company. These are historical trends and are breaking previous records. 

However, others might question what the difference is between a private jet and first class. Well, here are some of the most notable differences. 

Private Jet Charters 

Let’s start with private jet charters. The first notable difference here should be that this is a completely private flight compared to flying first class. 

Basically, the only guests that are going to be on this flight are going to be the ones that you invite with you. On top of this, the passenger list is going to be a lot smaller than a commercial flight. Typically, on private jet charters, you will see somewhere between 8-12 passengers on a flight. 

This means that you are going to have an aircraft that is designed for a small party, so you will likely have wider and more comfortable seats to sit in. 

On top of this, with a charter flight, you are going to get a staff that is entirely devoted to you. Because your group is the only one on this flight, the staff does not have to meet any other passengers’ needs besides the ones in your group. 

This can be essential when it comes to customizing your experience and having certain preferences that are harder to accommodate on a commercial flight. For example, you can ask a charter to stock up on your favorite bottle of alcohol, while that would be more difficult to accomplish on a commercial flight. 

Think of this option as the one that is more exclusive and the one that is more customizable to your needs. 

First Class

Now, let’s talk about first class. Unlike private jets, you are not flying alone here. The airline will do everything they can to separate you from the rest of the coach passengers, but they are still going to have potentially hundreds of coach passengers sitting behind you. 

These are the passengers on a commercial flight that tend to spend the most money but also receive the most comfort and service. However, it is still an exclusive ticket compared to the rest of a commercial flight. 

Less than 10% of seats on those flights tend to be first-class tickets. Part of that is because those tickets typically cost at least 70% more than an economy class ticket. 

So, what are you getting from first class? You are getting a more comfortable commercial flight experience. 

You will not be expected to pay for any beverages or meals that you have in first class and you will have a lot more comfort and space in your seat. If your aircraft is big enough, you may even have your seat stretch into a bed for you to sleep in on a longer flight. 

Pros and Cons of Private Jets 

So, what are the biggest pros and cons of private jets? Well, for cons, the big one has to be the price of chartering a jet

It is going to cost you a lot more money than getting a first-class ticket because you are chartering an entire aircraft rather than just one luxury seat on a commercial flight. For some people, this price is just too out of reach and they may elect to go another route. 

What are the pros? The main one is that you have more flexibility. You can tell the aircraft what time you want to leave and exactly where you want to go. 

Plus, you can bring extra items with you that you cannot necessarily bring on a commercial aircraft. This includes things like sporting equipment, music equipment, larger electronics, pets, and more. 

Flying private gives you the option to be flexible and to customize the trip to meet your needs. 

Pros and Cons of First Class 

When it comes to first class, the main pro is that it is going to be cheaper than chartering an entire jet. For those people who are financially comfortable with getting this ticket but not a private jet, this can be a great option for them. 

However, they just do not have the flexibility and customization of a private jet. The staff has hundreds of people in economy to take care of while they are trying to meet your needs. You cannot bring your pets and larger items on an aircraft. 

Also, despite being first class, you are still on the aircraft’s schedule. You have to be at the gate by a certain time or they will leave without you. 

On top of this, you have to go through all of the security procedures that any other person going through an airport does. 

Get a Private Jet 

Now that you know the differences between private jet charters and first class, it should be obvious that a private jet is the way to go. Chartering a private jet is the best way to ensure that you can create a traveling experience that caters to your every need. 

Do you want to fly private? See what private charter trips we have available today.