News earlier this year indicated that waits were up at commercial airports across the country due to TSA security checkpoint slowdowns. In fact, many airports, like O’Hare, were warning passengers to arrive three hours before their scheduled flights in order to have time to pass through the security checks, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Social media has been bombarded with messages and photos documenting long wait lines at airports across the country. To combat this problem, CNN reported that the TSA accelerated the hiring of some 768 new security agents nationwide to help alleviate long lines at security checkpoints.

Until that happened, air travel customers flying via commercial airlines had to contend with “extra-long” security lines and longer than average wait times for their flights. While many people are standing in line, the question begs to be asked, “Do people traveling on private jet charters have to go through this type of security scrutiny?”

Private Aviation Security Benefits

With the long lines at the security checkpoints at commercial airports, more and more people are carefully considering their options for avoiding those long lines at security. You may be among the ones joining in on the TSA hate with hashtags, like #iHateTheWait.

While it is true that you do not have to pour out your gourmet coffee or remove your shoes in order to gain admittance to your private jet, smaller jet terminals still have adequate security screenings in place. Smaller private jet terminals, however, have efficient and quick security screening procedures that are commensurate with the number of fliers that use them. What this means is that you will not have to wait in long lines, which are characteristic of commercial flying.

Passengers placing electronic device and shoes in bins at commercial airport security checkpont.

Passengers placing electronic device and shoes in bins at commercial airport security checkpoint.

That does not mean there are no other security measures in place either. In fact, the private aircraft you fly in will meet rigorous safety standards and the crew that is flying the aircraft will have been properly vetted for meeting the highest standards of safety in flight. You can fly confident that your safety is a priority when you fly with Presidential Aviation.

Avoid Security Insanity When Flying Via Private Charter Jet

Most private charter jets leave from smaller airports that have FBOs (fixed base operations) offering lounges where passengers can arrive to board their flights in utmost comfort. Typically, there are very few people in these FBOs waiting for flights because the wait is minimal, if any.

The bags on your flight are all your own bags – and those of the people flying with you, such as business associates, family, friends, etc. You charter the entire aircraft when scheduling a private jet charter flight through Presidential Aviation. This means that you, your traveling companions and the crew are the only ones bringing luggage aboard the jet in question.

You do not need to worry about getting your bag mixed up with another traveler’s or it being sent to the wrong airport. That being said, all aircraft captains are responsible for the health and safety of their passengers and do have the right to search all bags brought aboard their aircraft.


Traveler going through full body scan at a commercial airport security checkpont.

Traveler going through full body scan at a commercial airport security checkpoint.

If you are traveling out of country, your captain will ask to see your passport and for domestic all passengers are required to have proper IDs as well.

Call Presidential Aviation to learn more about private charter jet costs if you are looking for ways to skip the long airport security lines without sacrificing your own security and safety in the process.