The Kentucky Derby is the Super Bowl of the horse racing world. One way you can arrive in fine style is to book a charter jet to the Kentucky Derby race and events. The Kentucky Derby is so much more than a horse race. It’s an event that attracts the rich and famous from around the world even the Queen of England has put in an appearance in recent years. The 2013 running of the Kentucky Derby occurs on May 4. Make sure you mark your calendar.

The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby race has been run since 1875, and this year marks the 139th edition. Hopefuls racing this year include Will Take Charge, Revolutionary, Texas Bling, Awesome Again, Overanalyze, Code West, Orb, and others.

Even though the horses and jockeys are the main draw, the Kentucky Derby is also steeped in tradition. One of the most delicious Kentucky Derby traditions is the mint julep. Each year, spectators, of legal age, are allowed the choice of drinking this delightful concoction from traditional ice-frosted julep cups or in commemorative souvenir glasses with all previous Derby winners printed on them.

The most notorious of Derby traditions, however, may be the lavish hats and outfits worn by the women who attend this race each year. Derby hats are all the rage. As much time and money goes into pairing the perfect hat and outfit, for many Derby attendees, as goes into the travel and lodging that allows them to arrive in style. Women aren’t the only attendees making fashion statements at the Derby however. The men who attend, especially those occupying seats on Millionaire’s Row, are well known for wearing bright and bold colors that attract almost as much attention as their companions hats.

Churchill Downs

Churchill Downs is the official Louisville, KY racetrack where the Kentucky Derby is held each year. It was designated as a National History Landmark in 1986 and is an important part of the history and legend of The Kentucky Derby. It is perhaps most famous for the twin spires that sit atop the track’s grandstands. These spires are used to represent the Churchill Downs track, as well as the Kentucky Derby. The track was damaged in 2011 by an EF2 tornado that damaged several stables and the track’s chapel. The grandstand area and the clubhouse, fortunately, were not damaged in the tornado.

Kentucky Derby Jet Charter

For Derby fans and attendees, there is one huge reason to consider a charter jet to Kentucky Derby events flexible luggage options. Those hats require their own time zones in some cases. Specialty luggage often requires premium pricing and advanced planning with traditional airlines. No one wants to go through the painstaking process of matching the perfect hat and outfit to discover that the hat can’t make the trip.

At the same time, there are other benefits for chartering jets that far exceed the convenience of flexible luggage and/or cargo. These are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose to fly with a private charter.

Flexible Flight Scheduling You can leave from your destination and arrive in Louisville at times that are most convenient to you and not at times that are dictated by airlines according to the greatest demand and easiest routing.

Increased Privacy Private jet charters provide the best possible privacy for guests. From boarding options that avoid the bulk of busy airport traffic to privacy throughout the flight, you’ll never be able to match this degree of privacy on board a commercial airliner.

First Class Treatment Whether you have Derby seats on Millionaire’s Row or not, you’ll live like you do on your flight. From gourmet meals and refreshments to luxurious surroundings, you’ll feel like a millionaire throughout your flight.

Security You enjoy the ability to fly with a greater sense of security and the convenience of missing out on the invasive, though heightened, security efforts at major airports around the world.

There are several different types of jets available for private charters. These jets include heavy jets, midsize jets, light jets and supermid jets. Several area airports accommodate the Churchill Downs area such as Bowman Field, Louisville International Airport, Clark Regional, Blue Lick Airport, and Lanesville Skyways Airport.

Kentucky Derby Jet Charter Pricing

Many people never even bother to compare the costs of flying commercially to those of flying on private jets. First class tickets, through a major airliner, from Los Angeles to Louisville, on Derby week cost between $1,300 and $3,800 each. Private charters can give these prices a real run for the money, per seat, without the hassle, crowds, or limitations of traditional airlines. In fact, 18-passenger private jet charters are as low as $2,500 per person. When combined with all the other benefits to flying private charters, it’s well worth considering.

With benefits like these, now is the time to see how Presidential Aviation can help you arrive in style for the 2013 running of The Kentucky Derby. We fly clients from around the world to Kentucky. Give us a call today (954.772.8622) or request a private jet charter online quote to see what we can do for you.

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