No matter why you’re planning a trip to Louisville, it’s a good idea to consider a private jet charter to Louisville for your transportation. From business conventions to family vacations and all points in between, you’re not likely to run out of exciting things to see and do in Louisville.

Louisville Attractions

Louisville is home to many interesting attractions, events, and experiences. Each of these holds a place near and dear to those who include them in their trips to Louisville.

Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory This is one place you must include on your itinerary if anyone traveling with you is a true baseball fan. Not only do you get to explore the history of this famous Louisville Slugger bat, but you also get to take a tour of the factory where it is still produced. Visitors can even purchase their very own personalized Louisville Slugger bats in the museum store.

The Belle of Louisville Take a ride on the Ohio River in grand old style. The Belle of Louisville operates year round offering tours for individuals and groups alike. Lunch and dinner cruises are available, though they must be booked 48-hours in advance, and they each offer unique commentary about the areas rich history. Sightseeing only tickets are available as well with confessions services and a full-service bar.

 The Muhammad Ali Center This museum is dedicated to the life of Muhammad Ali and the six core principles he believes have been the driving forces in his life. The mission of this museum is to promote respect, hope, and understanding, and to inspire adults and children everywhere to be as great as they can be.

 The Kentucky Science Center The goal of The Kentucky Science Center is to encourage at any age and from all walks of life to explore science in their everyday lives. It is now home to more than 150 interactive exhibits as well as a four-story IMAX Theatre, along with countless teaching labs and activity stations. This is a must-see experience for anyone visiting Louisville.

 The Kentucky Derby Last, but certainly not least, this is, perhaps, the one event Louisville is best-known for.The Kentucky Derby, which is run each year at the world famous Churchill Downs race track brings an onslaught of high profile visitors, attractions, and attention to the city of Louisville each year. Even if youre not in town for the main event, youre sure to enjoy taking a visit to the Kentucky Derby Museum where youll learn all about the colorful history and deep traditions of the Derby.

Louisville Kentucky Airports

There are many airports that serve the Louisville, KY area. The wide availability of airports in the area makes it easier than ever before to hire a charter jet to Louisville. You have all these local options available to you.

Blue Lick Airport This is a privately owned airport located 9 nautical miles SE of Louisville. It is situation on 12 acres in Hillview, KY.

Louisville International Airport  This is the largest airport in the Louisville area and is conveniently located ten-minutes from the downtown area. The airport offers non-stop service to 25 destinations and connections leading to countless cities around the world.

Bowman Field This airport was established in 1919 and has since become one of the longest operating airports for general aviation in the U.S. Bowman Field is home to 17 buildings on 426 acres and consists of two runways with weight limits of 30,000 pounds.

Charter Jet to Louisville

If youre wondering why you should charter a jet to Louisville, youve come to the right place. Its always wise to sit down and really compare the costs vs. the rewards so you know youre making the right decision. There are several benefits to flying chartered flights such as:

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Convenience
  • Service
  • Comfort

But, the fact remains that cost is a huge concern for many of todays travelers, whether youre flying commercial or chartering jets. Many people allow fear of high prices prevent them from even checking into the potential value of charter jet services for flying. However, if youre flying with a group of people, you may be surprised to learn that private jets give airlines a run for the money when compared with first class tickets. For instance, commercial first-class flights from LA to Louisville can cost up to $3,800 per person while charter jet flights begin at just over $2,000 per person on 19-passenger heavy het flights.

The bottom line is that you owe it to yourself and the people flying with you to really compare whether or not it might be a good idea to consider a charter jet to Louisville for your next trip. Contact Presidential Aviationtoday by phone (954.772.8622) or request an online quote to see what we have to offer you.