Nantucket is a small island located approximately 30 miles south of Cape Cod. The town of Nantucket actually encompasses three islands, Nantucket Island, Tuckernuck Island, which is a strictly residential island, and Muskeget Island, which is as National Natural Landmark. Traveling to Nantucket via private jet charter is one of the easiest ways to reach your destination in comfort, luxury, and style.

Brant Point Lighthouse on Nantucket.

Brant Point Lighthouse on Nantucket.

Fly to Nantucket Island via Private Jet Charter to Soak up a Little History

The Islands of Nantucket are so popular with tourists and summer residents that the population swells from its traditional number of just over 10,000 people to upwards of 60,000 during the summer.

Today, Nantucket stands as a living example of late 18th and early 19th century seaport towns. As such, is has been designated as a National Historic Landmark District since 1966.

Area residents take the historical significance of the island seriously. There are walking tours that explain the finer points of the island, as well as the historic significance of various buildings and structures. There are also several museums on the island that celebrate its rich nautical history. Some of the museums include the Egan Maritime Institute, Nantucket Shipwreck & Lifesaving Museum, and the three Nantucket Lighthouses, which each have historical significance of their own.

Historic Map of Nantucket Island.

Historic Map of Nantucket Island.

Visitors flock to the island for so much more than museum visits and lighthouse tours, though. This is one vacation location that has something for people of all ages.

Family Fun on Nantucket Island

Family fun can be had by all at Nantucket Ice, an ice rink for children and adults that is open year round, going on sailing adventures (particularly the pirate adventure for families with children), the Young Actors Theater Company productions, and the Maria Mitchell Association Aquarium that features a touch tank for the children to explore various marine creatures.

Of course, there is also the beach and the ocean, which both provide endless hours of pleasure to visitors and residents alike. From fishing to sailing, and all manner of watersports in between, visitors to Nantucket will have no shortage of adventures to pursue. Surfing lessons are also available as are many charter services and tours.

The quintessential seaside views of Nantucket.

The quintessential seaside views of Nantucket.

Some Nantucket diving tours allow divers the opportunity to experience close encounters with one of the many shark species that spend their summers in the warm waters. One of the biggest attractions are the Great White sharks that feed off the grey seals that inhabit Muskeget Island. Other species in the area include Mako, Threshers, Blues, and Basking sharks.

Tours are available above water as well for shark sightings. The best time for outings such as this are between the months of June through October when the waters are warmest.

Whale watching is another popular pastime for Nantucket travelers. The best time of year for whale watching excursions is between the middle of June and the middle of October when Humpback, Finback, and Minke whales are in abundance.

Flying into Nantucket on a Private Jet Charter

Private aviation flyers have two great options for getting to Nantucket Island. One option is to fly directly to Nantucket and landing at Nantucket Memorial Airport. This puts you in the center of things once you land. Another option to consider is to fly into Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and take a high-speed luxury ferry into Nantucket. This allows for a nice relaxing cruise to get your first glimpse of the island.

Call Presidential Aviation today to discuss your travel options and begin scheduling a private jet charter to Nantucket. We are here to happy to help with all the arrangements so that you have nothing to worry about other than relaxing and enjoying your flight to Nantucket.