Traveling in groups can be a of major pain when flying commercial flights. More often than not, there is the one person who is chronically late and can throw the entire group off balance. There are dietary restrictions that commercial flights might not be interested in or willing to accommodate for certain members. There can even be ground transportation issues if the airline does not serve the precise location where the group is going.

Book a private jet charter for your political campaign group

Book a private jet charter for your political campaign group.

Flying by private jet charters, on the other hand, can be a huge benefit for any group that needs to travel by air, including groups such as:

  • College and professional sports teams
  • Religious mission groups
  • Medical transport groups
  • Executive groups
  • Incentive recipients
  • Political campaign groups
  • Academic teams
  • Professionals attending conferences
  • Groups sharing a common travel passion (golf, culture, food, etc.)

These are just a few ways private flight options are the best choice for you.

Accommodate Late Comers

The fact that private charter flights do not leave until all parties have arrived is critical when dealing with groups in which one member is notoriously late. No commercial airline flight is going to hold the plane for one traveler, unless under very special circumstances.

Private Boarding and Disembarking

Privacy can be a bigger deal than most people realize. Not only for boarding and disembarking, but on the flight as well. A great number of of people enjoy the privacy of private jet charters, including rock stars, professional golfers, pro athletes, entertainers, actors/actresses, politicians, and high profile executives.

Accommodate People of Extraordinary Sizes More Easily

College and professional athletes, basketball and football players specifically, are often uncomfortable in traditional airline seats – even those in first class. Whether it is legroom or shoulder space that’s the problem, no one wants to feel folded up for a few hours while traveling to the next sporting event.

Working with a private jet charter service means that you have a wide range of aircraft, with numerous seating options and configurations, to choose from. This allows your athletes the room they need to fly comfortably to and from the big game.

Meet Special Dietary Needs

Unfortunately, commercial airlines are not always willing or able to accommodate many dietary restrictions, even in first class. When scheduling a private charter jet flight all you need to do is discuss your dietary needs and plans can be made ahead of the flight to cater to those needs.

Sporting teams, for instance, often have specialized diets during the season. Some passengers may have dietary restrictions for health reasons. Regardless of why, discussing your needs ahead of time means you can have them met during your flight.

Medical transport groups using a private jet

Medical transport groups using a private jet.

Faster Recovery after Weather-Related Delays

Commercial airlines often shut down when storms strike leaving travelers stranded until the skies clear and the flights are able to safely land and/or take off. While private charter flights are still vulnerable to the whims of Mother Nature, you won’t have to wait for a long line of other cancelled flights to take off before your flight can be accommodated. Additionally, it is possible, in some instances, to reroute to another airport, outside of the stormy area, in order to make your flight as scheduled.

Greater Selection of Airports and Locations

The truth about businesses, religious missions, and college athletics teams is that they are not always located near large airports that support commercial airline travel. This means that travelers visiting smaller communities must also arrange for ground transportation after landing. There are hundreds of regional airports throughout the U.S. and around the world that place travelers in the precise areas where they need to be and you can arrange for ground transportation for your passengers when making flight arrangements.

Flying on commercial airlines will not always offer the flexibility, convenience, and individualized customer service that you might want, or need. That’s why Presidential Aviation is here to help your group reach your destination together and on time. Call today to schedule your group’s private jet charter.