Airport Name ICAO City
Fitch H Beach KFPK Charlotte
Law Field Vermontville
Crippen Field Charlotte
Skyway Estates Eaton Rapids
Airbatco Field Mulliken
Hiram Cure Sunfield
Stony Acres Sunfield
Rapids Airway Eaton Rapids
Abrams Muni Grand Ledge
Capital Region Intl KLAN Lansing
Lakeside Holt
Hoerners Corners Dewitt
Brooks Field KRMY Marshall
Hastings Hastings
Sawyer Field Mason
Zischke Dewitt
Eichmeier Field Mason
Mason Jewett Field KTEW Mason
W K Kellogg KBTL Battle Creek
Forest Hill Westphalia
Ionia County Ionia
University Airpark Bath
Williams Field Jackson
Jackson Co/reynolds Field KJXN Jackson
Maidens Williamston
Archer Memorial Field St Johns
Glowacki St Johns
Van Strien Company Lowell
Dennis Farms Laingsburg
Lowell City Lowell
Claucherty Litchfield
Triple H Parchment
Walker Cooper
Gerald R. Ford KGRR Grand Rapids
East Lake Kalamazoo
Calkins Field Wayland
East-west Paris Dutton
Plainwell Municipal Plainwell
Somerville Adak Island
Boulder Canyon Belding
Schiffer Acres St Johns
Tripp Creek St Johns
Cloud Nine West Webberville
Dysinger Perry
Kalamazoo County KAZO Kalamazoo
Minikey Sheridan
Van Wagnen Napoleon
Fairplains Airpark Greenville
Randolph's Landing Area St Johns
Greenville Muni Greenville
Wolf Lake Napoleon
Napoleon Napoleon
Richmond Field Gregory
Maple Grove Fowlerville
Thrall Lake Vicksburg
Pingston Aeroworks Bryon
Winters Field Chelsea
Branch County Memorial KOEB Coldwater
Wabasis Lake Greenville
Shady Lawn Field Bannister
Padgham Field Allegan
Livingston County KOZW Howell
Newman's Kalamazoo
Whitcomb Field Schoolcraft
Shamrock Fld Brooklyn
Perry Schoolcraft
Hillsdale Muni KJYM Hillsdale
Owosso Community KRNP Owosso
Wells Rockford

Looking to charter a private jet to or from Wend Valley? Wend Valley (49G) is located in Michigan. It has at least 1 runways 1,800 ft. length. Contact Presidential Aviation to rent a private jet to Wend Valley.