Fort Lauderdale, FL (December 4, 2013) – Presidential Aviation is delighted to announce the addition of an eight-passenger Cessna Citation Excel to its growing fleet of private charter jets. The immaculately-kept Citation was refurbished in 2010 and will be based in Hartford, Connecticut (HFD).

“The addition of this aircraft enables the company to service a growing demand in the midsize cabin sector,” said Presidential Aviation’s CEO Oscar Arce, who has been with Presidential for thirteen years and is a Gulfstream-rated pilot. “Presidential’s expansion started this year and we are looking forward to a similar trend moving into next year.”

Presidential Aviation is a trusted choice for jet owners who desire to leverage Presidential’s certified operator status to realize multiple fleet-scale discounts and profit positioning.

Presidential owns and operates an exceptional fleet of Gulfstream, Dassault, Bombardier, and Hawker aircraft worldwide. Presidential also provides aircraft maintenance, including the overhaul, repair, inspection, and servicing of private jets. These services are provided by Presidential’s award-winning jet maintenance technicians.

“Our ongoing focus is to ensure the highest levels of safety for our jet passengers and crew,” Arce said. “Luxury private jet ownership can be a complicated and costly endeavor rife with details, so partnering with an experienced, reliable, and safety-driven jet aircraft management company is of paramount importance.”

The Citation Excel business jet: Manufactured by Cessna Aircraft Company, the Citation Excel is a midsize business jet capable of flying three to five hours non-stop, or 2,050 miles (1,660 nautical miles), with a top speed of 480 mph. The Citation Excel was born from consulting with customers on what they desired in a light corporate jet used for business, in conjunction with advances in airframe and engine technology.

The Citation is recognized by its low sweeping wing, large cockpit windows and twin rear fuselage. With its cabin length of 18.7 feet, the jet’s interior contains a unique dropped aisle, which runs the length of the cabin and provides an expansive 69.5 inches in height, while the width of 67 inches makes the cabin feel exceptionally spacious. Passengers can stand thanks to its ample headroom.

Outfitted with a luxurious interior made with the highest-quality finishes, fabrics and materials, the Citation Excel cabin reflects the distinctive Presidential flight experience, which executive and luxury vacation travelers have enjoyed for years. The Citation’s mini galley, large two-place divan, and ample enclosed lavatory provide even more convenience for conducting business on the go. The jet is equipped with six LCD monitors, a DVD player, a CD player, flight phone, and fold-out tables (which can serve as desks).

To give the cabin a more spacious and natural aura, it is equipped with indirect LED lighting. An added benefit to this LED lighting is that it produces less heat, keeping passengers cooler throughout the flight. Six fully reclining, extra wide leather seats mean that meetings are conducted in comfort while in the air. Up to ten passengers can be seated in the Citation, depending on the seating density configuration, along with two flight crew personnel.

About Presidential Aviation
Florida-based Presidential Aviation, Inc. has provided industry-leading boutique-style executive jet services including jet management, jet maintenance, and private jet charters since 1997. Presidential Aviation puts tremendous focus on safety, and developed a custom, comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS) based on ICAO and FAA standards under the guidance of the Air Charter Safety Foundation. In addition, Presidential Aviation is ARG/US Gold rated and has been awarded as a Wyvern Registered Operator. The National Air Transport Administration (NATA) bestowed its highest level of Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) award to Presidential this year. Presidential has access to all sizes of aircraft, including heavy, super-mid, midsize, light, and turbo prop, to accomodate any number of passengers or travel distance with 24-hour availability.