Arguably one of the most breathtakingly beautiful cities in the world, Moscow has a lot to offer travelers willing to fly in for a long weekend or an extended vacation. These are a few of the top attractions you will want to include on your itinerary when flying private to Moscow.

Saint Basil Cathedral, Moscow

Saint Basil Cathedral, Moscow

Bolshoi Theatre

Located just north of the Kremlin in the heart of Moscow, the Bolshoi Theatre has been home to countless operas and ballets since its January 1825 opening. Visit the Bolshoi website to see if there are any performances scheduled during your visit or if you might like to change your travel dates to accommodate one of the amazing performances conducted at the recently renovated and restored Moscow landmark.

Cathedral of Christ the Savior

While a sight to see in its own right, it is the strange story of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior that draws in so many visitors each year. The cathedral is located on the Moscow River and a few blocks from the Kremlin. Originally planned to commemorate Russia’s victory over Napoleon and to memorialize the soldiers who died in the fight, Stalin ordered the structure to be destroyed in 1931 to make room for his proposed skyscraper project (one that never materialized).

The project was once again re-tasked – this time to create one of the biggest public swimming pools in the world. The pool remained in place until 1994 when it closed. The cathedral was then rebuilt in 1997 and continues to hold active worship services.

Gorky Park

Located along the banks of the Moscow River, Gorky Park offers essentially two different parks. One if filled with thrills, spills, and amusements. The other part of the park is devoted to nature and natural beauty including formal gardens and natural woodland. The park first opened in 1928 and has enjoyed a few evolutions along the way. Today it is one of the mainstays of the Moscow entertainment landscape and well worth a visit when you fly by private jet into the city.

Fountain in Gorky Park, Moscow

Fountain in Gorky Park, Moscow

Graveyard of the Fallen Monuments

The Graveyard of the Fallen Monuments is located on the grounds of The State Tretyakov Gallery. It is a landing place, of sorts, for many of the monuments to leaders of the former Soviet Union. Visit the museum to visit this impressive monument to giants of the past.

Red Square

Red Square is perhaps one of the most iconic items on your list of places to go during your time in Moscow. No trip to the city is complete with it. Red Square is home to the Kremlin as well as the iconic Saint Basil’s Cathedral, which has a beautiful story of its own. The Cathedral was originally constructed from 1555 to 1560. The Cathedral has been an element of the Moscow skyline ever since – for more than 450 years. It remains one of the most iconic landmarks in the world for its distinctive architecture, design, and coloring. Other sights you might enjoy while visiting Red Square include: Kremlin Wall, Kazan Cathedral, Statue of Minin and Pozharsky, Lenin’s Mausoleum, and Lobnoe Mesto.

Moscow’s Red Square

Moscow’s Red Square

The Moscow Metro

Not only is the Moscow Metro the best method, by far, for getting around in the congested city, but many of the stations are simply stunning and well worth the visit even if you never board the trains. There are several tours available that allow you to explore the different stations and learn a little about the history of the Moscow metro while taking in the beautiful architecture of individual stations.

Moscow is one of those cities where the past and present blend seamlessly within the borders of city offering luxury and opulence as well as stunning beauty, modern comforts, and a few great stories that will forever change your perspective and your views of the world. Flying by Moscow by private airplane allows you to explore this ancient and beautiful city on your own timeline and make adjustments if needed.

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