For any avid golfer, the Grand Strand is a must for your golfing bucket list. The Grand Strand refers to a 60-mile stretch of beaches along the South Carolina shoreline. While beaches might not be all that thrilling to those who love the game of golf, this string of beaches is also home to somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 golf courses.

Flying by private aircraft to Myrtle Beach for golf puts you firmly in control of exactly how many rounds of golf, and how many different golf courses, you can fit into your golf vacation schedule.

One of Myrtle Beach stunning golf courses

One of Myrtle Beach stunning golf courses

Why Myrtle Beach for Golf?

The most obvious reason to consider Myrtle Beach as your “go to” golf destination is the abundance of golf courses available in a relatively small stretch of land. These are not ordinary golf courses either. They have been designed and crafted by some of the biggest names in the business including names like Pete Dye, Greg Norman, Arnold Palmer, Robert Trent Jones, Jack Nicklaus, and Tom Fazio.

Myrtle Beach is your four-season golf destination

Myrtle Beach is your four-season golf destination

There is also the variety of Myrtle Beach golf courses to consider. You will find courses offering varying degrees of challenge. Some are suitable for beginning golfers, while others are appropriate for more advanced – even professional golfers.

Top Tier Golf Courses to Consider

For those who love the game and consider yourselves to be truly talented players, you will not want to miss out on these amazing – and challenging – Myrtle Beach golf courses:

Mid-Range Difficulty Courses to Consider

While each of these courses offers some degree of difficulty, they do not require quite the same level of accuracy, precision, and control to enjoy a great game playing. They include:

  • Glen Dornoch
  • Oyster Bay
  • Tidewater Golf Club
  • Tradition Club
  • Willbrook Plantation

Even the weather can present its own challenges and variety during different seasons of the year and, in some cases, different times of the day. For instance, heat, humidity, and later afternoon thunderstorms can play a huge role for anyone’s game during the months of July and August. While Myrtle Beach is a four-season golf community, there are days in winter where frost or freezes may delay your start or present somewhat unique challenges to your game play.

The beauty of the golf courses also varies greatly from one course to the next. South Carolina is home to sprawling plantation golf courses with an “Old South” atmosphere that includes hanging moss and beautiful landscaping. You will also find grand golf resorts with numerous amenities and, sometimes, several golf courses from which to choose. Then there are the golf courses that are on the beaches offering stunning complexity, unique wind challenges, and amazing views.

There are also standard golf courses as well as links golf courses to consider in the area to add to the variety and challenges. The bottom line is that Myrtle Beach offers plenty of reasons to visit for great games of golf.

Private Aviation to Myrtle Beach

Flying to Myrtle Beach for golf via private aviation allows you greater flexibility over your schedule, allows you to choose the landing locations nearest your accommodations, and is truly convenient for bringing along your favorite golf clubs and equipment. You will not even need to worry about golf plans destroyed by having your clubs loaded onto the wrong plane and sent to Timbuktu or Kalamazoo because your luggage and clubs are loaded onto the plane right in front of your eyes.

The bespoke travel arm of Presidential Aviation specializes in arranging fully bespoke customized travel experiences to suit their guests’ interests and lifestyles to exotic destinations, like Myrtle Beach, around the world.

Besides golf, visitors to Myrtle Beach can enjoy 60 miles of beaches along the South Carolina coast

Besides golf, visitors to Myrtle Beach can enjoy 60 miles of beaches along the South Carolina coast

Call Presidential Aviation today and let us get the ball rolling on a unique and challenging golf experience for you and your guests. We will deal with all the details so you can focus your attention on battling the greens for your best game yet.