Geneva, Switzerland is home to so much more than decadent chocolate, timeless watchmaking, and superb skiing. It is also home to underground jazz bars, quirky boutiques, one-of-a-kind jewelry shops, and an impressive assortment of museums, which you can access easily when you fly to Geneva by private jet charter.

 The city of Geneva, the Leman Lake and the Water

Panoramic view of the city of Geneva.

Switzerland as a nation is a little larger than the U.S. state of Maryland. In the nearly 16,000 square mile land mass, there are more than 900 museums. Many of these museums are located in Geneva. Buying a Swiss Museum Pass gives you access to more than 500 museums in Switzerland for free for up to one year from the date of your purchase. Passes are available for individuals as well as for families.

Private aviation is an ideal way to enjoy an adventure through Geneva that allows you to explore the city’s best museums. Nothing telegraphs luxury and comfort better than a flight on a private jet aircraft. Nothing explores luxury and privilege better than a tour of museums that offer you the opportunity to explore historical gems and treasures up close.

 Geneva, Switzerland. Blue suitcase with label at airport

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These are a few museums you will want to consider for your itinerary.

Barbier-Mueller MuseumThe Musee Barbier-Mueller was founded in 1977 and features art from Antiquity, Africa, Asia, and Oceana. The original purpose of the museum was to “preserve, study, and publish” a collection that was created by Josef Mueller in 1907.

The Olympic Museum – Located in Lausanne, Switzerland, The Olympic Museum is one hour from Geneva by car or just over 30 minutes by train.

 Museum of Art and History in Geneva

Museum of Art and History in Geneva.

Voltaire Museum – Located on Rue des Délices in Geneva, the Voltaire Museum is both a museum and a library. It also serves as a research center for those interested in studying the Enlightenment.

The International Red Cross Museum – Located in Geneva, The International Red Cross Museum addresses “The Humanitarian Adventure” through three distinctive challenges:

  • Defending Human Dignity
  • Reconstructing Family Links
  • Reducing Natural Risks

The museum opened its doors in 1988 and has recently undergone extensive renovations.

Patek Philippe Museum – Founded in 1839, the Patek Philippe Museum celebrates the legacy and craft of master watchmaking in Switzerland. The museum carries extensive collections of watches, portrait miniatures, and musical automata from the 16th through 19th centuries.

Ariana Museum – The Ariana Museum is a museum devoted to ceramics and glass. It contains more than 20,000 objects of ceramic and glass artwork representing more than 1,200 years of history. The museum was constructed between 1877 and 1884 and is the only collection of its kind in Switzerland.

Natural History Museum – Located in Geneva, the Natural History Museum explores the history of nature, animals and creatures living on the planet today, and future challenges, environmental protection needs, and the role of emerging technologies on nature.

The Globe of Science and Innovation (CERN) – One of the most distinctive buildings in Switzerland, the CERN Globe of Science and Innovation was founded in 1954 as a joint venture on the Franco-Swiss border. Today it is a center of science and education that welcomes visitors from around the globe.

The Archeological Site of Saint-Pierre’s Cathedral – Explore the archeological remains of buildings dating back to the 4th Century at the Archeological Site of the Saint-Pierre Cathedral. Here you will find many archeological sites. You can even choose audio guided tours that are available in several languages – including English.

Whether you choose to explore one of these exciting and enlightening museums by taking a corporate jet to Geneva or you choose to visit them all – and many more, you will find that private air travel makes the trip more luxurious, comfortable, and flexible.

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