Private Jet Charter to Wheeling, West Virginia

Charter a Private Jet Flight to Wheeling, West Virginia

About Wheeling, West Virginia

Wheeling is a city located in Ohio and Marshall Counties in the state of West Virginia. It’s located almost entirely in Ohio and along the Ohio River at the foot of Appalachians Mountains. The city was originally a settlement in the British colony of Virginia, and later a Commonwealth of Virginia. The manufacturing industry in Wheeling was at its peak in the 19th century due to the major transportation routes, including B&O Railroad, Ohio River and National Road. However, the industry crumbled during World War II, and the city is now a hub of several other industries including legal services, healthcare, energy, and tourism. As per the last census, the city was home to nearly 30,000 residents.

Popular Destinations in Wheeling

Looking for activities once your private jet arrives in Wheeling? Some of the popular destinations in the city include:

Oglebay Park: Located on the outskirts of the city, the park sits on 1,650 acres and was opened to the public in 1928. The park is home to Good Zoo, which houses more than 80 species of animals, including red-necked wallabys, western gray kangaroos, barn owls and bald eagles. The zoo was dedicated to Phillip Mayer Good, a seven year old boy who loved nature. There are also several farm buildings that still stand in the park, including the Mansion House and the greenhouse. Oglebay Parks has also been hosting Winter Festival of Lights since 1985.

Suspension Bridge

Suspension Bridge

Suspension Bridge: Located in downtown Wheeling, the Suspension Bridge is a historical bridge with lots of character. Visitors can choose to drive or walk across this bridge.

Victoria Theater

Victoria Theater

Victoria Theater: It is owned by Earl Brown and is one of the oldest and classiest theaters in town. The highlight of the theater is the Elvis and Country Jamboree hosted on the first Friday of the month. Its architectural detail is also a beauty.

The Blue Church: This is a pre-Civil War era building which is now undergoing renovations as a concert center. The building is mostly famous for its history as well as the architectural details.

Oglebay Institute Glass Museum: This museum is dedicated to the history and evolution of glass art. Located at Oglebay Park, a tour through this museum will take visitors through displays of small to massive glass art. The tour is also inclusive of a glass making demonstration. The Oglebay Institute Glass Museum is also home to the largest punch bowl in the world.

West Virginia Independence Hall: A tour through this museum takes visitors back in time to learn more about the history of West Virginia. Starting from the point where the western part of Virginia refused to go along with succession in 1861 and broke away to become a separate state, the museum tells the intriguing story of West Virginia through excellent exhibits.

Luxury Lodging in Wheeling

Seeking luxury accommodations once your private jet has arrived in Wheeling?

  • Chicago Marriott Suites Deerfield
  • Eaglewood Resort and Spa
  • Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport
  • Hilton Orrington / Evanston
  • Hyatt Deerfield
  • Hyatt Regency O’Hare
  • Loews Chicago O’Hare Hotel
  • Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel
  • Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel
  • The Westin Chicago North Shore
  • The Westin O’Hare
  • Westin Chicago Northwest

Airports In or Nearby Wheeling For Private Jets

Interested in a private aircraft charter to Wheeling, West Virginia? Many reliable airports serve the Wheeling area and here are some of the top airports to choose from:

  • Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD): Located approximately 17 miles away from Wheeling, O’Hare is the primary airport that serves the Chicago area. It is open for public use and is operated by the Chicago Department of Aviation. The airport has four airports, and the fourth one is called International Terminal 5. It also features two asphalt runways (4L/22R and 4R/22L), two concrete runways (9L/27R and 10C/28C) as well as three asphalt-concrete runways in the 14R/32L, 10L/28R and 9R/27L directions.
  • Chicago Executive Airport (PWK): Located approximately three miles from Wheeling and 18 miles from Chicago, the airport is owned by the City of Prospect Heights and Village of Wheeling. Sitting at an elevation of nearly 650 feet, the airport features three asphalt runways in the 6/24, 12/30 and 16/34 directions. The airport handles executive jets as well as fueling for transient aircraft.
  • Waukegan National Airport (UGN): Located approximately 26 miles away from Wheeling, the airport handles mainly general aviation operations. It also serves as a reliever airport for the Chicago O’Hare International Airport. The airport features two asphalt runways in the 5/23 and 14/32 directions.
  • DuPage Airport (DPA): Located approximately 32 miles away from Wheeling and less than 30 miles west of Chicago’s downtown area, the airport facilitates mostly general aviation flights. The airport has two concrete runways in the 2L/20R and 2R/20L directions as well as two asphalt runways in the 15/33 and 10/28 directions. Additional features include two Instrument Landing System approaches, and a FAA air control tower.
  • Midway International Airport (MDW): Located less than 42 miles away from Wheeling, and about eight miles from the Loop, the international airport has a total of 43 aircraft gates on three concourses. The airport features two asphalt runways (4L/22R and 13L/31R), two concrete runways (13R/31L and 13C/31C) and one asphalt-concrete runway in the 4R/22L direction.
  • Kenosha Regional Airport (ENW): Located approximately 37 miles away from Wheeling and about four miles from Kenosha’s central business district, the local airport sits at an elevation of about 742 feet and is mainly open for general aviation operations. It has two concrete runways in the 7L/25R and 15/33 directions as well as an asphalt-concrete runway in the 7R/25L direction.
  • General Mitchell International Airport (MKE): Located approximately 63 miles from Wheeling and five miles south of Milwaukee downtown area, the international airport is open for both civilian and military use. The airport features a single passenger terminal, and five asphalt-concrete runways that are designated in the 01L/19R, 01R/19L, 07L/25R, 07R/25L, and 13/31 directions.
  • Lewis University Airport (LOT): Located approximately 45 miles away from Wheeling, the local airport features a concrete runway (2/20) and an asphalt runway (09/27). It sits at an elevation of about 680 feet and is used mainly for general aviation.

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