Private Jet Charter to Toulouse, France

Charter a Private Jet Flight to Toulouse, France

About Toulouse, France

Toulouse is positioned near the Spanish border and bisected by the Garonne River. Many of Toulouse’s buildings are constructed using terra-cotta bricks, so the city is frequently referred to as La Ville Rose or “The Pink City.” The metro population here exceeds 1,291,500 people, with a square mileage of 2077.8. Biotechnology, information technology, electronics, space, and aeronautics are the main industries in Toulouse.

Popular Destinations in Toulouse

Looking for activities once your private jet arrives in Toulouse? Both business and pleasure travelers have a healthy choice of attractions to pick from, including:

Cite de l’Espace: On the city’s eastern outskirts lies The Cite de l’espace, one of the most amazing space museums ever built. A huge cinema immerses participants into their very own space mission. Visitors can test their endurance as astronauts in the rotating space pods; they can simulate running on the moon, or simply gaze into space in the observatory and planetarium. There is even a 52m high space rocket (the Ariane 5) and a full-scale replica of the Mars Space Rover.

Jardin des Plantes

Jardin des Plantes

Jardin des Plantes: For a little peace and quiet accompanied by nature’s beauty, consider taking a breather in this 200-year-old collection of sculpted gardens spanning about 7 square acres.

Les Abattoirs: This cutting-edge art gallery boasts works by Robert Mapplethorpe, Robert Rauschenberg, and Marcel Duchamp. The prize piece remains a massive work entitled La Depouille du Minotaure en Costume d’Arlequin by Picasso. So fragile is the condition of this piece that it is only displayed six months out of the year.

Place du Capitole

Place du Capitole

Place du Capitole: Whether for an early evening snack at a street café, or a sip of coffee on an early sunny morning, Place du Capitole offers great history in the center of Toulouse. On the eastern side is City Hall, with its 128m long façade, which dates back to the 1750s. Inside the Place du Capitole visitors will find the Hall of Illustrations (Salle des Illustres) and the Theatre du Capitole, which is the most prestigious opera venue in all of France.

Eglise Notre-Dame de la Dalbade: A walking tour of the area will undoubtedly include a stop at this Catholic Church. The brightly colored tympanum is one of the many reasons to visit L’Eglise Notre-Dame de la Dalbade. Constructed in Italian Renaissance-style ceramics, the crowning of the Virgin Mary is depicted above the entrance in the building’s semicircular recess.

Château d’Eau: Once upon a time, this brick tower from the 19th century actually pumped out fresh water. Since the 1970s, however, the Chateau d’Eau has mainly operated as a photography venue. These days it displays contemporary nature images that are both simple and aesthetically pleasing for tourists.

Canal du Midi: This 241km walkway is nothing short of an engineering wonder. Under the direciton of Louis XIV, Canal du Midi was constructed to be a connection between the Atlantic and Mediterranean Seas. The area has walking paths and biking trails stretching 40km.

Basilique St-Sernin: Right to the very top of the octagonal bell tower, this Romanesque edifice is made of rose and golden colored stonework. The structure is so well preserved that visitors can not only look at the impressive marble statues, but they can also go inside and see them up close.

Luxury Lodging in Toulouse

Seeking luxury accommodations once your private jet has arrived in Toulouse? Toulouse has a few luxury accommodation facilities, including:

  • Crowne Plaza Toulouse
  • Grand Hotel De L’opera Toulouse
  • La Cour des Consuls Hotel & Spa

Airports In or Nearby Toulouse For Private Jets

Flying to and from Toulouse is easy on account of many airport choices including:

  • Toulouse-Blagnac Airport (TLS): This is the closest airport to Toulouse, located 4 miles northwest of the city. The public airport is commonly used by Air France, easyJet and Volotea. It is located at an elevation of 497 feet above sea level. The airport has the capacity to accommodate wide body aircraft and has two bituminous concrete runways measuring 9,843 feet and 11,483 feet in length. Although it primarily services general flights, Toulouse-Blagnac can also cater to private jet charters.
  • Castres-Mazamet Airport (DCM): This airport was built to serve the Castres and Mazamet regions and is located 40 miles away from Toulouse. The public airport is located at an elevation of 785 feet above sea level and has a single concrete runway measuring 5,900 feet in length. This is a great airport for private aviation.
  • Carcassonne Airport (CCF): Located 50 miles from Toulouse and 2 miles from Carcassonne, this airport handles commercial as well as private aircraft. It sits at an elevation of 434 feet above sea level and has two runways. One measures 6,700 feet and is made of asphalt, and the other is 2,600 feet long and covered in grass. The airport handles over 400,000 passengers annually.
  • Agen-La Garenne Airport (AGF): Also known as Aerodrome d’Agen, this airport is located 60 miles away from Toulouse. It sits at an elevation of 204 feet above sea level. It mainly handles private air traffic, and significantly less commercial air traffic. It has a single asphalt runway measuring 7,000 feet in length and handles 35,000 passengers annually.
  • Rodez-Marcillac Airport (RDZ): This public airport is located in the Salle-la-Source commune in France, and is 76 miles away from Toulouse. Inaugurated in 1971, the airport currently has one asphalt runway measuring 6,800 feet in length as well as an 8,500-feet long grass runway.
  • Tarbes-Lourdes-Pyrénées Airport (LDE): This airport is located 80 miles away from Toulouse. It handles private and chartered aircraft from across Europe, and can accommodate wide body aircraft. It sits at an elevation of 1,295 feet in length and has a single 9,800-foot long asphalt runway. The airport handles over 380,000 passengers annually.

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