Private Jet Charter to Tokyo, Japan

Charter a Private Jet Flight to Tokyo, Japan

About Tokyo, Japan

Japan’s busy capital, Tokyo has everything from historic temples to neon-lit skyscrapers. Japan’s metro area holds approximately 37,800,000 people in an area spanning 5240 square miles. Top temperatures in Japan reach the mid to high 80s Fahrenheit, while the cooler temperatures in January and February may dip into the mid-to-low 30s. Tokyo features the world’s largest metropolitan economy with insurance companies and investment banks leading the charge. It is also home to iconic buildings such as the Bank of Japan Tokyo Headquarters and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Popular Destinations in Tokyo

Looking for activities once your private jet arrives in Tokyo? Tokyo is a popular travel destination and visitors can find a wide range of attraction spots here, including:



Ginza: One of the world’s most luxurious shopping centers, Ginza is Tokyo’s most popular upscale shopping area. Ginza is to Tokyo what Fifth Avenue is to New York. Home to the serious shoppers, Tokyo features designer retailers including Cartier and Chanel. Department stores Hankya and Matsuya are unique to the Tokyo scene, and are favorites among those looking for a wide selection in Ginza.

National Museum of Nature and Science: Because this museum is so close to the Ueno Zoo and the Tokyo National Museum, visitors often make it a whole day affair. Galleries from not only Japan but the world can be viewed and explored here. Topic highlights include ecosystems, animals, and Japanese architecture.

Imperial Palace: The Imperial Palace is a spot not to be missed. The attraction is in no way lacking in terms of interest; in fact, visitation and tours are given all year round. Still, seldom will there be a crowd. This is because crowd control is of utmost importance at the Imperial Palace. Officials monitor the number of ticket requests and limit visitors to a manageable level. East garden visitation is all day and year round, which is where picnics and relaxation abound. Although the tours are informative, they are only given in Japanese, so English speakers may want to reference the pamphlets and audio guides provided.

Tokyo Sea Life Park: Appealing to both experts and amateurs, this park, located across from Disneyland, Tokyo, offers marine life from the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea. Possibly the most popular area of the park is the penguin exhibit.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower: At 333m high, the world’s tallest steel tower is virtually a copy of the Eiffel Tower in France – except that this tower is 13m higher. Not only a tourist lookout, this building serves as a television and radio broadcasting structure. The deck on the second level (there are two observation decks – one at 250m and one a bit lower at 150m), offers views of the sprawling nature of Tokyo and Mount Fuji.

Odaiba: A visit to Odaiba is like taking a glimpse into the future. This artificial island was initially built as a defense against intruders in the 1850s. It expanded into a seaport district in the 20th century, and now offers a host of activities year round. The neighborhood is a hub of architecture, eateries, and entertainment. Nighttime offers glittering skylines, while the daylight hours invite visitors to gaze upon waterside views or splurge at the abundant shopping malls.

Luxury Lodging in Tokyo

Seeking luxury accommodations once your private jet has arrived in Tokyo? Tokyo has a high concentration of high end hotels. Here are some of the highly rated accommodation options:

  • Aman Tokyo
  • Four Seasons Marunouchi
  • Hilton Tokyo Odaiba
  • Hotel Okura Tokyo
  • Imperial Hotel
  • InterContinental Tokyo Bay
  • Mandarin Oriental Tokyo
  • Park Hyatt Tokyo
  • The Peninsula Tokyo

Airports In or Nearby Tokyo For Private Jets

Traveling to and from Tokyo by private air charters is a breeze due to the number of airports in the region, including:

  • Haneda Airport (HND): Commonly known as Haneda Airport, Tokyo International Airport is just 10 miles away from the city. Located in Ota, the airport is a hub for most major Japanese airlines. It is elevated at 21 feet above sea level. It has four asphalt concrete runways ranging in length from 8,202 feet to 11,024 feet. It handles over 72 million passengers annually. It currently occupies 251 hectares of space and handles both domestic and private aircraft.
  • Narita International Airport (NRT): Located 39 miles away from Tokyo, Narita is a beautiful, well designed airport used to serve the Greater Tokyo Area. Sitting at an elevation of 135 feet above sea level, it acts as a hub for many major airlines including the national carrier. Narita Airport is located at an elevation of 135 feet above sea level. It has two asphalt runways measuring 13,100 and 8,200 feet in length.
  • Oshima Airport (OIM): Located 65 miles away from Tokyo, this airport was built in 1964 and has been expanding since then. It currently has a single asphalt runway measuring 5,900 feet in length and handles over 40,000 passengers annually. It is currently used by both commercial airlines and private charter facilities.
  • Shinshu Matsumoto Airport (MMJ): Also known as Shinsu-Matsimoto Airlines, it is located 100 miles away fromTokyo. It is located at an altitude of 2,157 feet in length and has an asphalt concrete runway measuring 6,562 feet in length.
  • Fukushima Airport (FKS): Fukushima Airport is located in the city of Sukgawa, 115 miles away from Tokyo. The airport was opened in 1993 and currently has a single concrete/asphalt runway measuring 8,200 feet in length. It handles an average of 254,000 passengers per year, as well as 60 metric tons of cargo. Fukushima Airport is used by a number of mainstream airlines to destinations such as Seoul and Osaka-Itami. Chartered and private jets frequently use the airport when visiting Fukushima or as a stopover.

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