Private Jet Charter to Tel Aviv, Israel

Charter a Private Jet Flight to Tel Aviv, Israel

About Tel Aviv, Israel

Fondly known as “The City that Never Stops,” Tel Aviv is located just over 40 miles northwest of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. Situated right outside the port city of Jaffa on the Mediterranean coastline, Tel Aviv is home to over 400,000 people and serves as the financial hub of Israel. With a bustling nightlife and a renowned 24-hour culture, Tel Aviv receives over 2.5 million visitors every year and has the second largest economy in the Middle East.

Popular Destinations in Tel Aviv

Looking for activities once your private jet arrives in Tel Aviv? Tel Aviv is one of the most energetic and active cities in the region. Here are some of the attractions that you should not miss:

Yarkon Park

Yarkon Park

Yarkon Park: Receiving over 16 million visitors a year, Yarkon Park is a sprawling urban park in the heart of Tel Aviv, and is famous for its six themed gardens. In particular, the Rock Garden is home to over six acres of cacti and a magnificent exemplification of Israel’s geological diversity, while the Tropical Garden plays host to a tropical forest microclimate housing a diverse range of orchids and vines. Yarkon Park has also hosted many musical events, including live performances by Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga, and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

Tel Aviv Port: Tel Aviv Port, also known affectionately as Nawal Tel Aviv, is one of the most popular places in the city following its recent restoration. However, don’t be surprised if you don’t see many ships at the Port: today, Tel Aviv Port plays host to luxurious yachts and beautiful sunsets. By day, Tel Aviv Port plays host to some of the most upscale eateries and shops in the area, and by night, the Port comes alive with an energetic nightlife scene.

Tel Aviv’s Beaches

Tel Aviv’s Beaches

Tel Aviv’s Beaches: The beaches in Tel Aviv are among some of the best that Israel offers, and Tel Aviv is consistently ranked as one of the world’s best beach cities. Since the entire western region of Tel Aviv faces the Mediterranean Sea, it is no wonder that the pristine white beaches in Tel Aviv are popular with locals and tourists alike. Some of the more popular beaches include Banana Beach, Metzitzim Beach, Tel Baruch Beach and the Hatzuk Beaches.

Old Jaffa: Located in the southern region of Tel Aviv is Jaffa, an ancient port city along the Mediterranean coastline. Jaffa is well-known among many because of the biblical references to it in the stories of Solomon and Jonah. Today, Jaffa plays host to a large number of historical landmarks, including the Al-Bahr Mosque, the Libyan Synagogue and St Peter’s Church. In addition, the Jaffa Port is one of the oldest ports in Israel, and it offers a delightful mix of historical and modern attractions.

HaTachana: Located between Neve Tzedek and the Tel Aviv Beach is HaTachana, or the old railway station in Jaffa. Originally the terminal station for the Jaffa-Jerusalem railway, HaTachana is a bustling entertainment spot with stylish boutiques, trade shows and organic markets today.

Luxury Lodging in Tel Aviv

Seeking luxury accommodations once your private jet has arrived in Tel Aviv? In Tel Aviv, you can find many luxurious accommodation options. Whether you are visiting with family or friends, the following hotels will make your stay a treasured one:

  • C Hotel Neve Llan
  • Crowne Plaza Tel Aviv
  • Grand Beach Hotel
  • Grand Beach Hotel
  • Hilton Tel Aviv
  • InterContinental David Tel Aviv
  • Metropolitan
  • Marina
  • Park Plaza Orchid Tel Aviv
  • Renaissance Tel Aviv Hotel
  • Sadot
  • Savoy
  • Sheraton Tel Aviv Hotel and Towers
  • Tal
  • The Carlton Tel Aviv
  • Vital Tel Aviv Hotel
  • West
  • Yarden Sea Side Apartments

Airports In or Nearby Tel Aviv For Private Jets

Interested in renting a private airplane to Tel Aviv, Israel? There is a myriad of airports from where you can book a private jet charter to and from Tel Aviv. Here are some of the airports in the region:

  • Sde Dov Airport (SDV): This is the largest airport in Tel Aviv and it is the nearest airport to access the city center, being only 4 miles away. It is named after a famous pioneer of Jewish aviation and it features one asphalt paved runway. It was opened back in 1938 and over the years, it handled nearly a million passengers annually.
  • Ben Gurion Airport (TLV): This airport is one of the most important airports in Israel and it is named after the prime minister of this country. In 2014, this airport was used by nearly 15 million passengers. It is located 12 miles from the central business district of Tel Aviv. The airport features 3 asphalt runways and it was built in 1936. Today, it features 4 terminals.
  • Ovda Airport (VDA): This is a joint civil-military use airport located in the south of Israel (182 miles away from Tel Aviv) and it is the second largest international airport of the country. It was opened in 1980 and it features 2 asphalt paved runways.
  • Eilat Airport (ETH): This airport is located near the city of Eliat and it is also known as the J. Hozman Airport. It is capable of handling both commercial and domestic flights and it features one asphalt paved runway. In 2011, it was used by nearly 1.4 million passengers.
  • Haifa International Airport (HFA): This airport is located in Haifa, a city in Israel, and although it handles mostly civilian flights, it is also used for military purposes. It is 62 miles away from Tel Aviv. Built in 1934, the airport was named after a pioneer of Jewish aviation and it currently features a single asphalt paved runway.
  • Kiryat Shmona Airport (KSW): This airport is located just 1.5 miles from the city of Kiryat Shmona in Israel. It features one asphalt paved runway and it can be used for general aviation purposes.
  • Rosh Pina Airport (RPN): Located close to the Safed-Hatzor-Rosh Pina Industrial Park, this airport is also known as the Mahanayim Airport. It was built in 1943 and currently features 2 asphalt paved runways.
  • Queen Alia International Airport (AMM): Although this airport is located in Amman, Jordan and not in Israel, it is one of the nearest international airports you can use to access Tel Aviv which is 106 miles away. This airport has a brand new, modern terminal officially opened in 2013 to replace its three older terminals. It was also awarded the title of “Best Airport in the Middle East” in 2014.

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