Private Jet Charter to Caracas, Venezuela

Charter a Private Jet Flight to Caracas, Venezuela

About Caracas, Venezuela

Home to over 87,000 people, Maiquetia is located about 13 miles away from Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. Out of the 12 international airports in Venezuela, the Simón Bolívar International Airport is known to be the key Venezuelan gateway to the world, playing host to the national carrier, Conviasa, as well as to flights to key destinations all around the world. Along with many other neighboring towns and cities, Maiquetia was affected by the Vargas tragedy in 1999, which brought torrential rains and flash floods to the region. The city continues its recovery process till this day.

Popular Destinations in Caracas

Looking for activities once your private jet arrives in Caracas? Being near the national capital of Caracas, Maiquetia is an exotic location with attractions of rich local flavor. Some of these attractions include:

Puerto Viejo

Puerto Viejo

Catia La Mar: Located just west of the Simón Bolívar International Airport is Catia La Mar, a coastal city home to the fishing port La Zorra. In addition, Catia La Mar plays host to several scenic beaches along the northern coast of Venezuela, including Costa Daroda, Playa Candilejas, Playa La Zorra and Puerto Viejo, as well as the Marapa Marina. Situated in the city center of Catia La Mar, as with other Venezuelan towns and cities, is the Plaza Bolivar, which commemorates the Venezuelan statesman and military leader, Simón Bolívar.

Macuto: Located near Maiquetia is the coastal city Macuto. Boasting a warm and mild tropical climate, Macuto is home to the town Galipán, which is famous for its flowers, as well as several relaxing beaches and restaurants. Along the promenade in Macuto, one can find numerous sidewalk vendors, horses for hire, and ice-cream shops. One of the mansions in Macuto, La Guzmania, was built by the former Venezuelan President Joaquin Crespo in 1888 as a getaway resort.

Atlantic billfish

Atlantic billfish

La Guaira: The capital city of the Vargas state of Venezuela, La Guaira, is home to over 270,000 people, as well as the chief port of the country. La Guaira is known among locals to be the nautical gateway to Caracas, just as Maiquetia is viewed by many as the aviation gateway to Caracas. Several miles off the coast of La Guaira is La Guaira Bank, an underwater ridge home to many sea creatures like sponges, corals, Atlantic billfish, and yellowfish tuna. La Guaira Bank holds many fond memories for sport fishing enthusiasts around the world, due to the unusual abundance of fish like marlin and spearfish in the vicinity of the Bank. La Guaira is also well-known for its export of tobacco, coffee, and cocoa beans.

Pico Naiguatá: The tallest peak of the Venezuelan Coastal Range is Pico Naiguatá, situated south of Maiquetia. At a height of over 9,000 feet, Pico Naiguatá is one of the highest peaks in the Caribbean region.

Biblioteca Nacional de Venezuela: Located at the western edge of Caracas and a short distance from Maiquetia is the Biblioteca Nacional de Venezuela, or the National Library of Venezuela, which was established in 1833. The Library houses over three million books, of which the oldest copy dates back to 1471.

Luxury Lodging in Caracas

Seeking luxury accommodations once your private jet has arrived in Caracas? The beautiful city of Maiquetia only has a handful of high end hotels for the travelers who seek the finest things in life. Nevertheless, these four hotels can definitely live up to your expectations:

  • Embassy Suites by Hilton Caracas Hotel
  • Intercontinental Tamanaco Caracas Hotel
  • Lidotel Hotel Centro Lido
  • Marriott Playa Grande Hotel

Airports In or Nearby Caracas For Private Jets

Interested in renting a private jet to Caracas, Venezuela? There is a multitude of airports which serve Maiquetia and its surrounding regions in Venezuela. Some of the airports you might be interested to know include:

  • Simón Bolívar International Airport (CCS): This airport is located approximately 13 miles from the central business district of Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela. It is actually nearer to Maiquetia, being just seven miles away. CCS was opened in 1945, and today the airport features one international terminal and one domestic terminal, as well as two asphalt paved runways.
  • Los Roques Airport (LRV): This airport is located nearly 94 miles away from Maiquetis, and 80 miles north of Caracas on the coast of mainland Venezuela. It serves domestic flights only and can be used for general aviation purposes.
  • Valle de la Pascua Airport (VDP): This airport is located near the city of Valle de la Pascua in Central Venezuela, and is 115 miles away from Maiquetia. It features one asphalt paved runway. This airport does not operate during the night time due to the lack of lights on its runway.
  • Calabozo Airport (CLZ): Serving the city of Calabozo in Venezuela, this airport features one asphalt paved runway. Calabozo Airport is 179 miles away from Maiquetia.
  • General José Antonio Anzoátegui International Airport (BLA): Serving the city of Barcelona in Venezuela, this airport features two asphalt paved runways. It is situated 210 miles away from Maiquetia.
  • Santiago Mariño Caribbean International Airport (PMV): This is an international airport located near the city of Porlamar in Venezuela. It features one terminal, which is used for both international flights and domestic flights. PMV also features two asphalt paved runways.
  • General Bartolome Salom International Airport (PBL): Situated 143 miles away from Maiquetia in the city of Puerto Cabello, this regional airport has one asphalt paved runway.
  • Arturo Michelena International Airport (VLN): This airport is situated in Valencia, and a few hours’ drive away from Maiquetia. The airport features the name of a famous Valencia-born painter. It has one asphalt paved runway.
  • La Chinita International Airport (MAR): This airport is one of the busiest in Venezuela and it is located in the city of Maracaibo. It was opened in November 1969, and it handles approximately 90 percent of all the international flights of this country. La Chinita International Airport features two asphalt/concrete runways.
  • Manuel Carlos Piar Guayana International Airport (PZO): This airport is located in the city of Ciudad Guayana, and it is named after the general, Manuel Piar. The airport features one asphalt paved runway.
  • Jacinto Lara International Airport (BRM): Jacinto Lara was a famous independence hero, and this airport is named after him. The airport serves the city of Barquisimeto in Venezuela and the surrounding areas. BRM was opened in 1961 and it handles both international and domestic flights. This airport features one asphalt paved runway.
  • Mayor Buenaventura Vivas Airport (STD): This airport is located close to the city of Santo Domingo in Venezuela. It features one asphalt paved runway.

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