Private Jet Charter to Taipei, Taiwan

Charter a Private Jet Flight to Taipei, Taiwan

About Taipei, Taiwan

As the capital of Taiwan, the modern metropolis of Taipei hosts contemporary buildings and busy streets full of shops. It is home to a population of over 2.7 million people, spread out over 104.94 square miles. High-tech elements are what make the rapidly developing economy of Taipei tick. In fact, this is an economy that has been expanding by about 5% every year. Inflation is low and unemployment is nearly non-existent in this fast-growing Asian city.

Popular Destinations in Taipei

Looking for activities once your private jet arrives in Taipei? Here is a look at some of the most interesting attractions that can be found in Taipei:

Shilin Market: Known for its night events and food-based scene, Shilin Market is one of Taipei’s largest and most sought after shopping destinations. Those looking for stylish clothing and accessories, or fresh fruits and souvenirs will find them here. Visitors will surely gain an appetite upon arriving at Shilin Market. The scents and smells draw in visitors, as do the mouth-watering delicacies, including oyster omelets, fried chicken cutlets, and more.

Taipei 101 Skyscraper

Taipei 101 Skyscraper

Taipei 101 Skyscraper: To get to the observatory on top of this tower, visitors take a rapid speed elevator. Either before or after the ride, many visitors enjoy perusing the upscale shops at the base of the skyscraper. The bamboo shaped, 509 m tall building is the crowning achievement of Taipei’s skyline.

Taipei Water Park

Taipei Water Park

Taipei Water Park: When the temperatures creep up into the hot hundreds, there is no better spot to be than this water park. Between the ice cream café, afternoon tea, and fun in the fountains, both adults and children can cool off and enjoy themselves to the fullest. The European-style architecture lends itself well to music videos and wedding photoshoots at this incredible location.

National Taiwan Science Education Center: Here, learning geology, biology, mathematics, and the basics of physics is fun. That is the mission of this education center, established in 1957. The specific building in which it is housed moved to its current location in 2003 and covers 100,000 m². There are international exhibits, a replica of the Great Wall of China (accessible by a ‘rocket sledge’), a visit to the dawn of the dinosaurs, and an interactive experience in the 4D theater. At the National Taiwan Science Education Center there is something for everyone!

Yong Chun-Gang Hiking Trail: Although this is a hiking trail, even those who are not in the best physical shape can complete it. With few steps and a lot of hand railings, it is easy to see why the location is so popular among both the young and old. Starting at the giant rock at the center, hikers can choose the trail that best matches their levels of both skill and endurance. To go all the way around the park takes about 80 minutes.

Luxury Lodging in Taipei

Seeking luxury accommodations once your private jet has arrived in Taipei? Taipei has no shortage of luxury lodging facilities for the well-heeled traveler. The most notable of these include:

  • Mandarin Oriental Taipei
  • Shangri-la’s Far Eastern Plaza Hotel Taipei
  • The Landis Taipei Hotel
  • The Regent Taipei
  • The Sherwood Taipei
  • The Westin Taipei
  • W Taipei

Airports In or Nearby Taipei For Private Jets

Taipei has several airports making travel to and from the city easier. These include:

  • Taipei Songshan Airport (TSA): Located 2 miles away from Taiwan, this is the most convenient airport for people visiting the city. It covers an area of 182 hectares and has an efficient transport network to and from the airport that is rarely congested. Taipei Songshan Airport serves as a hub for multiple airlines and is located at an elevation of 18 feet above sea level. It has a single paved runway measuring 8,548 feet in length. It has an annual turnover of over 6 million passengers annually.
  • Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE): This is an international airport located 24 miles away from Taipei. It is the largest airport in Taiwan and one of the busiest. Opened in 1979, the airport currently handles over 34 million passengers annually and has over 220,000 aircraft movements a year. It sits at an elevation of 108 feet above sea level and has two asphalt concrete runways measuring 12,008 feet and 12,467 feet.
  • Hualien Airport (HUN): This commercial airport occupies 11.5 hectares of space and is located 71 miles from Taipei. Domestic flights form the bulk of the air traffic to the airport though it can handle international private and chartered flights. Opened in 1962, the airport sits at an elevation of 52 feet above sea level and has a single concrete runway measuring 9,022 feet in length.
  • Taichung Ching Chuang Kang Airport (RMQ): Located 78 miles from Taipei, Taichung Airport is used for both commercial and military purposes. The international airport was constructed in 1954. It has two terminals and has over 26,457 aircraft movements annually. It sits at an elevation of 663 feet above sea level and has a single 12,000-foot concrete runway. The airport serves both commercial and chartered or private air traffic.

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