Private Jet Charter to St. Eustatius, Netherlands

Charter a Private Jet Flight to St. Eustatius, Netherlands

About St. Eustatius, Netherlands

Built on a West Indies dormant volcano, the Quill, is a little Dutch island called St. Eustatius. It has a population of more than 4,020 in an area of only 12 square miles. This island was all the rage back in the 18th century. Being a major player in the trade industry, it was the Caribbean’s most vital Dutch Island. The old ruins of that era’s warehouses can still be seen – some underwater. The island maintains a skilled workforce with very little unemployment. Most workers are employed either privately by NuStar Energy or by the government.

Popular Destinations in St. Eustatius

Looking for activities once your private jet arrives in St. Eustatius? Dive sites over sunken shipwrecks and coral reefs, volcanic sand beaches, and hiking trails through Quill National Park are only a few of this island’s points of interest. Below are a number of others:

Fort Oranje

Fort Oranje

Fort Oranje: Cobblestone parade grounds, triple bastions, and a mighty, cannon-equipped citadel all contribute to this extensively restored fort with its sweeping views and deep-seated history. Built in 1629, this French garrison was originally made of wood but was crafted from stone in 1703 by the British.

The Government Guesthouse: Visitors will know they’re in the right place when they see the fanciest car on the island, The Mercedes Benz belonging to the lieutenant governor, parked out front. This now home of the government’s headquarters has an upper floor housing the courtroom and a ground floor housing the offices of the commissioners and lieutenant governor. EU funding allowed the fine old 18th-century building of wood and stone to be completely renovated in 1992. The place used to be a guesthouse which, back in the 1920s, is how it got its name.

Smoke Alley Bar and Grill: Show up for the prime location and stick around for the food and dancing. At the curve into Lower Town and directly over the ocean, this commanding nightclub/restaurant has a pirate theme, loud music after dark, open-air, group bench seating, and on Friday nights, a DJ. A diverse crowd, including the area’s medical students, gathers here regularly.

Duggins Supermarket: For those doing their own cooking, or looking for a light snack, American brand names, and cheap European fare is available here. Hoards of Kittitians stock up on supplies here after boating over from ‘next door’. Should Duggins already be closed for the day, try the tinier place around the corner and up the street a bit.

Dutch Reformed Church

Dutch Reformed Church

Dutch Reformed Church: Even though its roof collapsed back in 1792’s hurricane, the 1755 building’s 60cm thick walls still stand. Singing praises to the heavens has never been so easy as in a structure with no roof. Many of this island’s past prominent citizens are at their eternal rest on these grounds.

Miriam Schmidt Botanical Gardens: The Kitchen Garden, Palm Garden, and the Sensory Garden are the completed sections in this work-in-progress. Much of the typically lush, local flora can be viewed in this semi-wild setting that grows out of the side of the Quill volcano. Also, check out the views from Lookout Garden and the wildlife along Bird Observation Trail.

Luxury Lodging in St Eustatius

Seeking luxury accommodations once your private jet has arrived in St. Eustatius? There is a small number of luxury lodging options available in St. Eustatius, such as hotels and resorts. These are a few examples:

  • Belle Mont Farm
  • El Momo Cottages
  • Queen’s Garden Resort and Spa
  • Scout’s Place Hotel
  • Selera Dunia Boutique Hotel
  • St Kitts Marriott Resort & The Royal Beach Casino

Airports In or Nearby St. Eustatius For Private Jets

Interested in renting a private airplane to St. Eustatius, Caribbean? Here are several important airports which serve this city and its surroundings:

  • D. Roosevelt Airport (EUX): Located just half a mile outside of St. Eustatius, F.D. Roosevelt Airport is probably the most convenient airport to use when flying into the city. The airport has excellent amenities for both passengers and the aircraft, including hangar rental services and aircraft repair. The airport sits at an altitude of 128 feet above sea level, and has a single asphalt runway measuring 4,200 feet in length. It is designated in the 06/24 direction. Several charter and commercial airlines service the airport.
  • Bonaire International Airport (BON): This airport is located on Mahe Island, and is the main airport serving the Island. Several domestic and international locations can be reached from the airport. Seychelles International Airport is located at an altitude of 10 feet above sea level. It has a single concrete runway designated in the 13/31 direction, which is 9,800 feet in length. The airport has an annual passenger turnover of over 700,000, and cargo tonnage turnover of over 8,000 metric tons annually.
  • Caracas Airport (CCS): Also referred to as Simón Bolívar International Airport, Caracas Airport is located around 550 miles away from St. Eustatius. The airport serves Alphonse Island, and sits at an elevation of 10 feet above sea level. The airport has one asphalt runway measuring 3,900 feet in length, designated in the 15/33 direction. There are scheduled commercial flights to and from Caracas Airport.
  • Aruba International Airport (AUA): Also known as Queen Beatrix International Airport, Aruba International Airport is located around 500 miles away from St. Eustatius. It stands at an altitude of 60 feet above sea level and has a single asphalt runway measuring 9,000 feet in length. The runway is designated in the 11/29 direction.
  • Valencia Airport (VLN): Located 560 miles away from St. Eustatius Island, this is one of the popular airports serving the Valencia region of Venezuela. It is at an altitude of 110 feet above sea level. The airport has one concrete runway, measuring 8,900 feet in length, designated in the 12/30 direction. The airport serves more than 3 million passengers annually.
  • Saint Maarten Airport (SXM): Also known as Princess Juliana International Airport, Saint Maarten Airport is currently only served by several commercial carriers as well as private planes. The airport is at an elevation of 14 feet above sea level, and has a single asphalt/concrete runway measuring 7,546 feet in length. This is designated in the 10/28 direction. The airport has the capacity to handle up to 1500 passengers daily.

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