Private Jet Charter to Saint Petersburg, Russia

Charter a Private Jet Flight to Saint Petersburg, Russia

About Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia. It is located at the head of the Gulf of Finland, and was founded in 1703 by Tsar Peter the Great. Over the years, the city has been given many names, including Petrograd in 1914, and Leningrad in 1924. Today, Saint Petersburg is home to 5 million people, and features a significant number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Popular Destinations in Saint Petersburg

Looking for activities once your private jet arrives in Saint Petersburg? Although it is no longer Russia’s capital, Saint Petersberg still retains much of its original charm and its heritage role in the imperial history. Some of the best travel gems in Saint Petersburg include:



Peterhof: This imperial estate is located 29 kilometers away from Saint Petersburg, and is regarded as one of the best day trip destinations near the city. In Peterhof, The Grand Cascade is one of the major attractions as it features more than 140 canals and fountains cascading down a hill behind the Grand Palace. The Grand Palace is lavish and extravagant and its well-maintained grounds feature fountains, forests, gazebos and dozens of other interesting elements.

Yusupov Palace: This spectacular mansion was once the home of Prince Felix Yusupov, one of the Russia rulers. Yusupov Palace is known for being the site of Grogori Raspoti’s 1914 murder, after the imperial family was left angered by his influence on Alexandra Federovna. A tour of the mansion will give visitors insight into the murder as well as the history of Romanov family.

Nevsky Prospekt: This is the oldest boulevard in Russia, and is located in the heart of Saint Petersburg. Nevsky Prospekt stretches for four kilometers and a stroll along the boulevard will take passersby through some of the city’s best attractions. Don’t miss Gostiny Dvor, Kazan Cathedral and Dom Knigi. The latter is the largest bookstore in Saint Petersburg while Gostiny Dvor was one of the first indoor shopping malls in the world.

Peter and Paul Fortres

Peter and Paul Fortres

Peter and Paul Fortress: Founded in 1703 by Peter the Great, this is the oldest structure in Saint Petersburg. Attractions within the fortress include Maxim Gorky, Leon Trotsky, Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Trubetskoy Bastion Prison, which was used for political prisoners in 1917. The Bell Tower offers a 360-degree view of Saint Petersburg. If visitors prefer not to climb the tower, a stroll along the top of the fortress walls offers additional views of the Neva River.

The State Hermitage: The State Hermitage was founded in 1764 by Catherine the Great and is home to more than 3 million art pieces spread out over several buildings in Saint Petersburg. The main museum complex is located at Palace Square and features 365 rooms. The State Hermitage is divided into the Winter Palace, Old Hermitage, Small Hermitage and New Hermitage. Key highlights include Raphael Logias, Treasury Gallery, Spanish and Dutch masterpieces, War Gallery of 1812 as well as imperial state rooms and apartments.

Luxury Lodgings in Saint Petersburg

Seeking luxury accommodations once your private jet has arrived in Saint Petersburg? St Petersburg is home to a large number of luxury hotels and lodgings, including:

  • Alexander House Boutique Hotel St Petersburg
  • Angleterre Hotel St Petersburg
  • Astoria Hotel St Petersburg
  • Corinthia St Petersburg Hotel
  • Golden Garden Boutique Hotel
  • Grand Hotel Emerald
  • Grand Hotel Europe
  • Kempinskin Hotel Moika 22 St Petersburg
  • Radisson Royal Hotel, St Petersburg
  • Taleon Imperial Hotel

Airports In or Nearby Saint Petersburg For Private Jets

Due to the exclusive nature of private jet travelers going to Saint Petersberg, there are just two ideal options in which private aircraft can fly:

  • Pulkovo Airport (LED): Pulkovo Airport is located ten miles away from St Petersburg. This international airport has two asphalt runways measuring 3,700 and 3,300 feet in length. It is located at an elevation of 80 feet above sea level, and caters to more than 15 million passengers a year. The local airport has several amenities, including a restaurant and ample car parking. It also has a few hangars for rent. Refueling and maintenance serves are available on request.
  • Rzhevka Airport (RVH): The Rzhevka Airport is a commercial facility located around 15 miles away from St Petersburg. The public airport sits at an elevation of 62 feet above sea level, and has a single runway measuring 5,900 feet in length. Though it mainly services commercial aircraft, the airport can also faciliate private aircraft operations. Hangar rentals, aircraft maintenance and fuelingservices are easily available.

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