Private Jet Charter to Sacramento, California

Charter a Private Jet Flight to Sacramento, California

About Sacramento, California

The capital city of the state of California, Sacramento is located where the American River and Sacramento River merge. Sacramento is home to about 490,000 people, making it the sixth largest city in California. The growth of Sacramento can be mostly attributed to the California Gold Rush as well as the efforts of John Sutter Sr. Today, Sacramento is a budding cultural and economic center that features a modern city infrastructure.

Popular Destinations in Sacramento

Looking for activities once your private jet arrives in Sacramento? In Sacramento, there is a nice range of travel attractions, including:

California State Railroad Museum: This museum occupies 100,000 square feet, making it one of the largest railroad museums in the world. Located in Old Sacramento, this premier attraction features several restored locomotives and railway coaches. Some of the antique cars are fully restored as well. This attraction is a popular one for family day trips and couples.

Old Sacramento

Old Sacramento

Old Sacramento: Located along the Sacramento River, Old Sacramento was a thriving commercial center during the 19th century. At that time, with the floods posing a serious problem, the level of the city had to be raised by adding earth to the low lying area. The focus of the city shifted with time and all that was left was an impoverished city. Today, Old Sacramento is characterized by historical buildings, some of which have been converted to museums, shops, hotels, and restaurants. Old Sacramento is designated as a National Historic Landmark.

Governor’s Mansion: This Victorian villa was built in 1878, and served as the residence for 13 governors of California. The mansion is located within the Governor’s Mansion State Park, and features fine décor with a touch of European heritage. There are extensive gardens outside with plants from all over the world. The main attraction of the mansion is the swimming pool built back in 1959.

Crocker Art Museum: The Crocker Art Museum features artwork from California and other parts of the world, including East Asia and Europe. The original collection of the Crocker Art Museum was donated by Margret Crocker. Highlights of this museum include Ansel Adam photos, Daguerreotypes, and paintings from the early 19th century.

California Automobile Museum: Set up in 1987, the California Automobile Museum focuses on the automobile history of America. There are multiple classic and antique cars on display ranging from the 1800’s to the early 2000’s. There is also a Ford from each year, starting in 1903.

Sacramento Zoo

Sacramento Zoo

Sacramento Zoo: Located at West Park Drive, the Sacramento Zoo is an ideal place to explore with your kids. The zoo is home to various species of animals from all over the world. It also features interesting collections of reptiles and birds. Sacramento Zoo is part of many conservation projects conducted both locally and internationally.

Sutter’s Fort State Museum: Sutter’s Fort State Museum is located on what used to be the first outpost of California. This museum houses some relics from the Californian Gold Rush period, as well as items associated with the town’s founder.

Luxury Lodgings in Sacramento

Seeking luxury accommodations once your private jet has arrived in Sacramento? Sacramento has a small range of hotels that are rated 4 stars and above, including:

  • Hyatt Regency Sacramento
  • Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel
  • The Citizen Hotel
  • The Westin Sacramento

Airports In or Nearby Sacramento For Private Jets

There are numerous airports around the city that make it easy for high net worth clients to jet in and out with ease. Some of the most notable of these include:

  • Sacramento International Airport (SMF): The Sacramento International Airport is located 10 miles from the city of Sacramento. This is a public airport that serves as the city’s international Airline. It has one concrete runway measuring 8,600 feet, and an asphalt runway measuring 8,500 feet. It has the capacity to handle more than 9 million passengers a year, and currently serves over 300 commercial flights a day.
  • Oakland International Airport (OAK): Oakland International Airport is located 91 miles away from Sacramento. It is one of the major international airports in the Bay Area. The airport is laid out over an area of 2,600 acres. Oakland International Airport has 4 asphalt runways that measure 10,000 feet, 6,200 feet, 5,400 feet and 3,300 feet respectively. It handles an average of 220,000 aircraft operations a year.
  • San Francisco International Airport (SFO): San Francisco Airport is located 99 miles away from Sacramento. It is currently the largest airport in the San Francisco Bay area, and is the second busiest airport in the state. The airport currently has four asphalt runways, two measuring 11,000 feet, one measuring 8,600 feet and one measuring 7,600 feet respectively. The airport handles more than 400,000 aircraft operations a year.
  • Stockton Metropolitan Airport (SCK): Stockton Metropolitan Airport is located 55 miles away from Sacramento. It has two asphalt runways measuring 10,000 and 4,400 feet in length. It also has two helipads, designated H1 and H2 respectively. The airport sees an average of 47,000 aircraft operations annually.
  • Chico Municipal Airport (CIC): The Chico Municipal Airport is located 94 miles away from the city of Sacramento. It has two asphalt runways measuring 6,700 and 3,000 feet in length. It also has one helipad designated H1, measuring 64 feet in length. The airport works as a base for 97 aircraft, and handles around 50,000 aircraft operations a year.
  • McClean Airfield (MCC): McClean Airfield is located 10 miles away from Sacramento. It is primarily an air force base, but can also be used for private aircraft use as well. It has one concrete runway measuring 10,000 feet in length, as well as four helipads measuring 57 feet in length.
  • Nut Tree Airport (VCB): One of the most popular airports for private aircraft users in the region, the Nut Tree Airport is located 32 miles away from Sacramento. The aircraft covers an area of 262 acres, and sits at an elevation of 117 feet. It has one asphalt runway measuring 4,700 feet.
  • Yuba County Airport (MYV): Located 38 miles away from Sacramento, the Yuba Country Airport is a fairly busy airport. It is categorized as a general aviation facility, and sits at an elevation of 64 feet above sea level. It has two asphalt runways, measuring 6,000 feet in length and 3,200 feet in length. It records an average of 35,000 aircraft operations a year.

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