Private Jet Charter to Rome, Italy

About Rome, Italy

Rome is the capital city of Italy, and is also the most populous city in Italy. With more than 2,500 years of history, Rome is a captivating destination that oozes plenty of old world charm. Today, Rome also houses the majority of the headquarters of major Italian companies, and its economy is growing at a faster rate than any other city in Italy. Located in Central Italy, Rome has been recognized as a global city since early 21st Century and is the most visited tourist destination in Italy.

Popular Destinations in Rome

Rome has a lot of artistic and archaeological treasures to offer to its visitors. Here are some of the famed attractions in Rome that you should visit:

Colosseum: Inaugurated in 80AD, this world-famous elliptical building was initially known as the Flavian Amphitheater. It has the capacity to accommodate 50,000 spectators who could enter the Colosseum via more than 80 entrances. It is widely regarded as the most impressive building structure from the Roman Empire. Today, thousands of tourists pay to view what is left of the original interior arena, making the Colosseum one of the most visited tourist attractions in Rome.

St. Peter’s Basilica: This famed attraction is a huge church, and is a symbol of the Catholic world. With its interior height measuring 120 meters, even the Statue of Liberty could fit inside it! St. Peter’s Basilica is built on the traditional site where the apostle, Peter, was crucified and buried. This is a magnificent building that also has artistic importance because many well known artists such as Bernini and Michaelangelo have helped to design this church built on Vatican Hill.

Pantheon: Built more than 1,800 years ago, the Pantheon is considered today as one of the best preserved Roman buildings. It was constructed as a temple for the Roman gods back in 126 AD. When tourists visit the Pantheon, it is hard not to be impressed due to its 16 remarkable marble columns as well as the interior huge dome.

Piazzo Navona: Located in the historic center of Rome, this square is certainly one of the most famous squares in Rome, and many would agree that it is the most beautiful one. Built back in 86 AD by Emperor Domitian, Piazzo Navona features 3 fountains, with the biggest one being “The Fountain of the Four Rivers”. Today, Piazzo Navona is always crowded with many tourists and locals, as there are many nightclubs, restaurants, and outdoor cafes in the vicinity.

Vatican Museums: This popular destination is a beautifully designed museum complex that houses many fine collections of art and other spectacular relics. The top attractions here include the Sistine Chapel, the Raphael Rooms, and the spiral staircase. For many tourists, the ceiling painted by Michaelangelo is also a main attraction, with “The Last Judgment” being the most fascinating for all.

Luxury Lodging in Rome

Rome is renowned for its generous offerings of opulent hotels. Some of the luxurious accommodations include:

  • Aldrovandi Villa Borghese
  • Babuino 181
  • Boscolo Aleph Hotel
  • Gran Melia Rome Villa Agrippina
  • Grand Hotel de la Minerve
  • Grand Hotel Palazzo Della Fonte
  • Grand Hotel Parco dei Principi
  • Hotel d’Inghilterra Rome
  • Hotel Eden Rome
  • Hotel Lord Byron
  • Hotel Majestic Roma
  • Hotel Raphael Rome
  • Hotel Splendide Royal Rome
  • Hotel Villa Spalletti Trivelli
  • Il Pellicano
  • La Posta Vecchia
  • Palazzo Montemartini
  • Portrait Suites
  • Regina Hotel Baglioni
  • Rocco Forte Hotel De Russie
  • Rome Cavalieri
  • Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese
  • St Regis Grand Rome
  • The First Luxury Art Hotel Roma
  • The Inn at the Spanish Steps
  • The Westin Excelsior, Rome

Restaurants in Rome

With a wealth of Michelin-starred establishments offering creative and surprising interpretations of international, Mediterranean and traditional Roman cuisine, gourmet-lovers will be overwhelmed with choices for fine dining in Rome.

3 Michelin stars:

2 Michelin stars:

1 Michelin star:

Airports In or Nearby Rome

In need of a private aircraft charter to Rome, Italy? A large number of airports serve the Atlanta, GA area. Many of these airports are great choices for your private charter jet to land at and depart from:

  • Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (FCO): Commonly known as just “Fiumicino Airport”, it is Italy’s biggest airport. In 2014, this airport has served 38.6 million passengers. Situated 21.7 miles southwest of Rome’s historic city center and located in Fiumicino, the airport is also home to Italy’s largest airline, Alitalia. The airport covers an area of 7,200 acres and is named after famed Italian personality, Leonardo da Vinci. Today, it features 4 terminal buildings and 4 world-class asphalt runways.
  • Ciampino-G.B. Pastine International Airport (CIA): First opened in 1916, this airport is widely known as Rome Ciampino Airport. It is considered to be one of the oldest airports still in operation in Italy today. Located 7.5 miles southeast of central Rome, this airport is a joint civilian, military and commercial airport. It also handles air traffic which can amount to more than two million passengers per year. Today, it handles almost exclusively executive and charter flights since most of the commercial flights are diverted to the Fiumicino Airport.
  • Rome Urbe Airport (LIRU): Located in the northern part of the city, Rome Urbe Airport or Aeroporto di Roma-Urbe is a small civilian airport in Rome. Just a few years after it was reopened after the post-war years, its commercial activity was transferred to Ciampino Airport and it started to handle more air taxi services as well as private jet flights.
  • Abruzzo International Airport (PSR): Also known as Pescara Airport, this airport is located 2.5 miles south of the ancient city and river banks of Pescara. Abruzzo International Airport has served more than 530,000 passengers in 2014. Featuring one asphalt runway, it is the only international airport in the Abruzzo region, and is situated 112 miles away from Rome.
  • Rome Viterbo Airport (LIRV): Located nearly 50 miles north of Rome, this airport comes about as a proposed re-use of the Viterbo Air Force Base. It was initially founded in 1936 as a military airport. Today, it provides civilian, military and commercial airport services, including the ability to handle private jet charter flights.
  • Grosseto Airport (GRS): Located just 1.6 miles west of Grosseto, this airport is situated in Central Italy. It has 2 asphalt runways. The airport is classified as a joint-use center, and is mainly considered as an Italian Air Force Base. However, the facility is still open to private charter flights.

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