Private Jet Charter to Recife, Brazil

Charter a Private Jet Flight to Recife, Brazil

About Recife, Brazil

Distinguished by its many islets, bridges, rivers, and peninsulas, Recife, Brazil is exquisite. This Pernambuco state capital’s metro area covers over 1068 square miles. Having a metro population of roughly 3,743,854, Recife is Brazil’s sixth largest metropolitan area. With two international ports and one international airport, Recife is a significant Brazilian business center. Major industries in Recife include textiles, chocolate and tube manufacturing, electronics, automotive, shipbuilding, canning, and brewing.

Popular Destinations in Recife

Looking for activities once your private jet arrives in Recife? The city of Recife has a large number of tourist attractions that will definitely make your stay here more memorable. Some of the most notable of these include:

Oficina Cerâmica Francisco Brennand: Unique and original sculptures by the hundreds, tile work, and paintings make up this fascinating oeuvre. It previously belonged to Brazil’s greatest ceramicist, Francisco Brennand. Initially, the space was Brennand’s family’s tile factory; the family emigrated from Ireland, and used the factory for tiles. Later on, Brennand turned this facility into the creative grounds for his personal line of decorative ceramic tiles. The expansive Atlantic Rainforest-like grounds contain rows of contorted busts, various surreal sculptures, Moorish arches, and a couple of temples.

Paço do Frevo: Many visitors will be happy to see the the bilingual signage in this small, strikingly red museum/art center. A permanent exhibit contained on the top floor features Carnaval Insignias encased in glass. They portray famous dancing and drumming posessions of Recife known as blocos. Other highlights here include classes and performances of frevo and various other ever-changing exhibits. Paco do Frevo also acts as a modern-day hosue of worship, and home to Recife Carnaval’s quintessential dance, Frevo.

Camarada Camarão: This bustling, airy Camarada sees its front deck flooded with ice-cold beer toting patrons during the wildly popular Happy Hour. That, however, is just the tip of the iceberg. Camarada does shrimp – shrimp served in stews (Moquecas), shrimp marinated in beer, salads, shrimp fondue, and endless other creative concoctions featuring shrimp. For small appetites, the delectable Antipasto Camarada is recommended. A truly extraordinary choice, however, is the shrimp in manioc sauce (Bobó de Camarão) and the shrimp and lobster Moqueca.

Igreja da Ordem Terceira de São Francisco: An extremely magnificent example of architecture in the style of Brazilian baroque, Igreja da Ordem Terceira de São Francisco is one of the city center’s most relevant buildings. With its Golden Chapel (Capela Dourada), the structure dates back to 1697.

Paço Alfândega

Paço Alfândega

Paço Alfândega: What used to be a customs shop from the 19th century is now the place to be for those looking to embark on a shopping spree in Brazil. Located along the southern waterfront of Recife Antigo, Paço Alfândega has been converted to a glittering shopping mall where shoppers can take a break with a small coffee called a Cafezinho.

Mercado de São José

Mercado de São José

Mercado de São José: Shoppers looking for medicinal herbs, all manners of food, clay figurines, palm baskets, leather goods, lace, and more traditional Pernambuco handicrafts needn’t look further than Mercado de Sao Jose. It is a bustling market at the city center.

Downtown Club: Visitors seeking live entertainment can stop in on Sundays or Wednesdays to enjoy a show. Still, other evenings offer a great time as well. Hard rockers can party until dawn and meet some Recifenses while enjoying many of their favorite tunes.

Luxury Lodging in Recife

Seeking luxury accommodations once your private jet has arrived in Recife? Recife definitely has no shortage of high end accommodation facilities, some of which include:

  • Edifício Golden View Home Service
  • Grand Mercure Recife Atlante Plaza
  • Grand Mercure Recife Atlante Plaza
  • Nobile Inn Convention
  • Nobile Suites Convention
  • Nobile Suites Convention
  • Sheraton Reserva do Paiva
  • Sheraton Reserva do Paiva
  • Versatti Classic

Airports In or Nearby Recife For Private Jets

Interested in chartering a private aircraft to Recife, Brazil? There are numerous airports that serve Recife and other regions in Brazil. Here are some of the popular airports from which you can book a private jet charter to access this city:

  • Recife/Guararapes – Gilberto Freyre International Airport (REC): Recife International Airport is the main airport serving Recife and the surrounding regions. Though it’s a public airport, it shares some facilities with the Brazilian Air Force. The airport is the main hub for Azul Brazilian Airlines. It sits at an altitude of 33 feet above sea level and has a single 10,000-foot asphalt runway. This is designated in the 18/36 direction. The airport has a passenger turnover of over 7 million per annum, and records around 89,000 aircraft operations annually.
  • Presidente Castro Pinto Airport (JPA): Located 80 miles away from Recife, Presidente Castro Pinto International Airport was built to serve Joao Pessoa and the adjoining municipalities. The airport was officially opened in 1957 and has undergone several renovations to make it more capable of handling larger aircraft and more passengers. Presidente Castro Pinto International Airport sits at an altitude of 215 feet above sea level and has an 8,200-foot asphalt runway designated in the 16/34 direction. The airport records a passenger turnover of slightly over 1.5 million passengers annually.
  • Presidente João Suassuna Airport (CPV): Presidente João Suassuna Airport, also known as Campina Grande Airport, is located 135 miles away from Recife. The public airport sits at an elevation of 512 feet above sea level and has a single asphalt runway measuring 5,200 feet in length. The runway is designated in the 15/33 direction.
  • Zumbi dos Palmares Airport (MCZ): Located around 40 miles away from Recife, Maceio-Zumbi dos Palmares International Airport is one of the major airports in Brazil. The airport sits at an altitude of 28 feet above sea level and has two runways: one made of concrete measuring 13,000 feet in length and one made of asphalt measuring 10,400 feet long. The airport serves more than 16 million passengers annually, and has more than 130,000 aircraft operations per year.

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