Private Jet Charter to Placencia, Belize

Charter a Private Jet Flight to Placencia, Belize

About Placencia, Belize

At the southern tip of the Placencia Peninsula, on the Caribbean coast of Belize, travelers will find the beautiful beach resort destination known as Placencia (or Placencia Village). Back in the 1800s, when a number of families originally settled here, residents made their living from the sea. Today, with palm-lined beaches that stretch for miles, this tropical paradise has a population of approximately 1500 (that does not include the number of long-term visitors and expats here), and has relied on tourism as its main economic support since the late 20th century.

Popular Destinations in Placencia

Looking for activities once your private jet arrives in Placencia? Placencia has a large number of tourist attractions that will definitely make your stay here more memorable. Some of the most notable of these include:

Sidewalk Art Festival: Usually in mid-February on the weekend closest to Valentine’s Day, professionals and amateurs both participate in this festival with music, crafts, and artwork in all shapes and sizes. Artists ranging from novices to established individuals, and everything in between, travel here from all over Belize to enter their best works into the running. Prizes include extreme appreciation by patrons and potential purchases by attendees.

Street Feet: Time to break out the dancing shoes for this nightclub and lounge. Street Feet does not necessarily take partying quite as far as some other spots in San Pedro, but  still offers dance parties and DJs long after the beach bars close.

Mojo Lounge & Bartique: Thanks to its impressive cocktails, the use of fresh local ingredients, imaginative menu, and a presentation utilizing a cozy lounge vibe, Mojo Lounge & Bartique has built a reputation for itself as one of the best establishments in the area. Appetizers and half-price cocktails are specially-priced for happy hour; this runs daily from 5 to 6 PM. They have a global menu featuring stir fry and lobster linguine, stuffed baked chicken, and caramelized pear and brie bruschetta. At the end of the handwritten menu, visitors will find a short story about the Canadian owner of the restaurant.

De-Tatch Restaurant

De-Tatch Restaurant

De-Tatch Restaurant: Good for lunch or breakfast, this open-air, thatched roof, beachfront eatery presents seafood dishes and tasty shrimp in any number of styles including North American, Belizean, and Caribbean. The service is efficient and the chef has a number of signature specialties which can be inquired about upon arrival. Frequently on the specials board at De-Tatch are the whole fried snapper, chicken and mango rum sauce, and the coconut shrimp curry.

Made in Belize: As visitors stroll along the sidewalk, they may run into a craftsman named Leo. Leo sits outside and uses driftwood, mahogany, and rosewood to craft exquisite sculptures, which he later sells in his boutique. Favorite pieces include marine life such as turtles and dolphins, and toucans and other birds.

Dive or snorkel along the barrier reef

Dive or snorkel along the barrier reef

Dive or snorkel along the barrier reef: These crystal-clear waters are a dream come true for avid snorkelers and divers. This is the world’s second largest barrier reef. The coastline is dotted with over 100 islands offering plenty of offshore opportunities for exploration and water sports of all kinds.

Luxury Lodging in Placencia

Seeking luxury accommodations once your private jet has arrived in Placencia? There are many luxury lodging options available in Placencia for travelers to choose from. Here are some of the highly-rated facilities:

  • Belize Ocean Club Resort
  • Green Parrot Beach Houses & Resort
  • Laru Beya
  • Mariposa Beach Suites
  • Robert’s Grove Beach Resort
  • The Placencia Hotel

Airports In or Nearby Placencia For Private Jets

Interested in chartering a private aircraft to Placencia, Belize? There are numerous airports that serve Placencia and other regions in Belize. Here are some of the popular airports from which you can book a private jet charter to access this town:

  • Placencia Airport (PLJ): Located around two miles away from Placencia, Placencia International Airport is one of the major airports in Belize. It is the main airport serving Placencia, and is a hub for Belize Airlines. The airport is located at an altitude of 42 feet above sea level and has one paved runway measuring 2135 feet above sea level. The runway is designated in the direction 08/26. Placencia Airport is the closest airport to Placencia, and is the most convenient airport you can use to get to the island. The relatively short runway means that only small aircraft can access the island using this airport.>
  • Silver Creek Airport (SVK): Silver Creek Airport is one of the largest major airport in Placencia, and is located around 24 miles away from the area. The airport has one runway made out of gravel. The runway is designated in the direction 10/28 and measures 3600 feet in length. For this reason, Silver Creek Airport is most ideal for use by small aircraft. The airport sits at an elevation of 2900 feet above sea level.

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